Hawaii Lava Tube Hiking H#1 And The New Summit Eruption – Videos

Aloha, I’ve made my first lava tube hiking video public. Its the first in a series of lava tube hiking videos. Each becomes more difficult as it moves along. Injuries occur in the later sections. The majority of what you need to know is in the videos description. I rarely talk in these videos as … Continue reading

11-22-20 New Videos

Aloha, New videos and news about upcoming videos. I’ve been shooting all kinds of new photos but, with all of the hiking and video editing I’m way behind on processing them. I’ll do a new blog post when they’re uploaded for viewing. New videos on my YouTube channel I have the videos listed further down … Continue reading

Metal Surfboard Prints – New Videos

Aloha, Metal Surfboard Prints I was planning on introducing these back in March but we all know what started happening back then so I decided to wait until things got back to normal but we all know how that’s going. So, seeing that Hawaii’s economy could possibly be shut down until sometime next year there’s … Continue reading

The Lost Kona Coast Hike

Aloha, This is an area that’s close to home that I first visited way back in 1991. I call it the Lost Kona Coast because it’s a beautiful untouched coastline that hides in plain sight. Back in the 1990s, there was talk of building several large cruise ship ports in this area and having a … Continue reading

Mandatory* Shutdown – Video of Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Aloha, A video like this wasn’t ever planned. Kailua Kona on the west side of The Big Island of Hawaii is having its first weekend of the statewide shutdown for the prevention of spreading the Covid19 virus. Let me first explain that the stay at home mandate does allow for outdoor activities like walking, running, … Continue reading

Ka’u Desert Hiking Video #1

Aloha, I hope this post finds everyone doing as well as they can considering the current situation the world is in. Maybe this video will help you escape without leaving the house. I shot this video over one year ago. My hike started before sunrise so, the video starts up after that and finally retraces … Continue reading