Aloha Everyone

Welcome to my new blog.

Visit my website to view my photos of Hawaii’s Big Island.

This blog will tell the story behind the photos.

Instead of me randomly posting images and stories, I’ll post the story behind a single image or a set by request. My website is set up for stock photography and Fine Art sales. This blog allows for more information when requested. Sometimes there will lots to say and other times it might be something simple.

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/ Reposting without my permission is prohibited.

I’ll start it off with a photo from my latest entry to my website and the story behind it.

Aloha Everyone,

These are images from July 19-20, 2008. Dramatic littoral cone building explosions that include several waterspouts and lightning.

Basically the photos in this gallery feature lava spattering to great hieghts of 100′ or more that was building a very large littoral cone on the new bench. The tremendous steam plume was creating a constant flow of fair weather waterspouts that would spin off into the ocean. Each would only last a few minutes. Some were quite large and all were very impressive! The was even occasional lightning caused by static electricity. The lightning was very elusive and dificult to catch in a photo. I finally got lucky when zoomed in tight on the spattering lava with my 300mm lens. A couple of tour boats ventured close to the action and helped to add some scale to my photos. As darkness fell the lava began to show color. The usual blood red and then orange as it got darker. The spattering would continue through the night. Around 1am a huge flow broke out to the east of the littoral cone that quickly covered the entire bench and started a new ocean entry point to the east of the current one. This new flow along with the nearly full moon helped light up the huge plume. As morning approached literally dozens of people arrived and without hesitation headed to the new bench. This is a place one should never ever venture to! Be patient and maybe the next ocean entry will allow for safer viewing up close. The crowd gave me a great setting for sihlouettes against the huge plume and spattering lava. Sunrise brought the usual beautiful colors of purples, pinks and blues. Overall it was a great visit to the flows that provided very rarely seen sights.

*littoral cone, usually small cones built near active ocean entries, the cones are constructed of tephra from steam explosions that are sometimes produced when 1,150 degree C lava enters the 25 degree C ocean*

Waterspout and Spattering Lava

Waterspout and Spattering Lava

Be sure to check out the entire gallery “Volcano Waikupanaha July 19-20 2008” as it shows the progression of the activity from mid day Saturday to early Sunday morning.

All of the images are available for licensing or as prints.

Enjoy the images!
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