March 2009 Photo Update

Aloha Everyone,

Several photo galleries have been added and below are the links to them along with a brief description of each gallery.

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I’ll start with the most recent. My latest hike to the active lava flows.

2-20-09 Poupou Ocean Entry

I hiked to the new and short lived Poupou ocean entry inside of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The flow had a sealed tube that was feeding lava over a sea cliff that was maybe 35-40 feet high. A mile wide inflating Pahoehoe lava flow that was slightly inland. It was extremely windy and cold when not near the hot lava. A small bench of new land was forming and several underwater lava tubes were sending chunks of lava bobbing just below the ocean surface. A video camera would have been great for this but, I only carry still camera gear. At one point during the night the tube broke open at the top of the sea cliff sending a large stream of lava cascading over the cliff and flowing across the bench. It was a worthwhile hike. The entry stopped a few days later as the summit deflated. Also in this gallery are a few images of a new green sand beach that has formed along with a newly exposed sea arch.

1-10-09 Honl’s Beach

A small collection of photos during the setting full moon at sunrise.

1-11-09 Petroglyphs

Images from two different petroglyph areas. The Mauna Lani and Puako field and the Waikoloa beach petroglyph area along the Kings trail.

1-11-09 Sunset

This was one of are most spectacular sunsets in years. Hurricane Flossie being the last one. A passing Kona storm provided the needed clouds. I made my way to an area that allowed for a 360 degree view. The clouds at Hualalai volcano lit up beautifully as did the ones over the ocean. A rainbow appeared on the volcanoes flanks right at the 1801 flow vent. Also, the visiting cruise ship was heading out to see.

1-12-09 Magic Sands Beach

A few images of a woman body surfing.

1-14-09 Kona Inn Shopping Village

Another beautiful vog free day in Kona. A cruise ship and a resting Green sea turtle at low tide.

1-15-09 Lymans Surf Location

Vog free weather agin in Kona and a day of large surf. A series of sunset photos leading up to the green flash.

A few new images have been added to the volcano Fine Art gallery.

Forgot to mention the Outdoor Photographer “Natures colors contest”. Only got an Honorable Mention. The winning shot is great. Thanks to all who voted for me on the readers choice award.

Bryan Lowry
All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/ Use without my permission is prohibited.

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2 thoughts on “March 2009 Photo Update

  1. I was on it. The flows surrounding the actual tube had stalled or were sluggish but, still creeping along. The heat from the lava kept me from freezing out there. I’d leave my gear on an old section of lava so, it wouldn’t melt. Then I’d venture onto the active flow with my tripod and my small camera bag over my shoulder. I’m always watching for sudden breakouts above me. Nothing was moving fast that night. I knew the summit was deflating so, the surface flow was going to die out. The area near the sea cliff was very steeply pitched towards the ocean so, great care had to be taken when moving around. Nothing I haven’t seen or done before. The strong winds made it challenging keeping the camera still for my slow shutter speed shots.
    Good to hear from you Sheila.

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