June 2009 Sales


Once again print sales were great. And as alway’s, thank you very much to all who purchased prints! The galleries did very well along with the Art Fairs I attended. I’m still way behind on processing new images. Mostly due to outdated and failing computer equipment. Junes sales have allowed me to update my PC. This is on going at this time and by next week I should be able to once again work on my new images. This is a year of expansion for my business and all print and licensing sales will allow me to continue my passion for photography along with bringing you new images. I’ve done several hikes to the flows recently. Can’t wait to get the photos on my website for everyone to see!

Thank you and Mahalo!

Happy 4th of July!

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2 thoughts on “June 2009 Sales

  1. Hi there, we met at the beginning of June at the pier and I bought your gorgeous picture of the boat under the volcano eruption. You very kindly gave me some tips on how to take good pics. I managed to go on an introduction to photography course on Weds and I was trying to remember the settings you said 100 x F…………… on A?

    I couldn’t remember – could you help please? Am looking forward to having a play with my camera this weekend.

    Pleased things are going well for you, your photos are amazing.
    Nicky x

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