June 2009 Lava Flow Images

Aloha Everyone,

I’m happy to say that after numerous delays I have finally posted new photos from my last four lava flow adventures. Part of the delay was being out at the lava flows so often along with the need for a new PC set up to process all of the images. A big thanks to Akamai computers for their expert service.

Images marked with an x are generally my favorite picks. When I remember to do so.

Click on the links below after reading the brief intro to each gallery.

6-05-09 Waikupanaha

This was one of those rare beautiful nights weather wise out at the flows. The lava bench was very active with surface flows and dozens of lava cascades and lava spigots flowing over a small sea cliff. Even though constant surf pounded the lava, I had numerous opportunities to capture the flows. I’ve included a series of sequential shots to show the ever changing conditions. Take note of the nice depth in the photos even with all of the steam.

6-08-09-09 Waikupanaha

This visit included a brief stop at the summit eruption late in the evening on the 8th. It was extremely clear with a waning full moon. No wind or rain either. The great weather continued down at the Waikupanaha ocean entry. On this visit the ocean entry was explosive all night long and well into the morning. I’ve included a large number of images in this gallery to once again show the ever changing sights the lava offers. It was a beautiful sunrise with some explosive activity. Some small lava bubble explosions too.

6-18-09 Royal Gardens Lava

This by far was the most exciting adventure of the month. New flows had been active high on the pali for days and I was tracking them to the few remaining streets in what was left of eastern Royal Gardens subdivision. After a long hike I arrived at the intersection of King Ave and Paradise St just as the large Pahoehoe flow was arriving. Most of Paradise was gone to the east, including the Queen Ave intersection. The flow was moving fast and extremely hot over there so, I stayed on King Ave. The flow was clearing out the forest with a frenzy creating a large forest fire. High swirling winds made it all the more interesting. My respirator was the only reason I was able to stay and witness the event. I did forget my goggles so, I had to shut my eyes often. The burning toxic asphalt covered me and my gear with a thick black coating by sunrise. It also did a number on my camera. A big thanks to Lighthaus camera in Kona for the great job getting my sensor clean again. It was a mess. One of the times I was changing my lens the wind shifted sending hot amber’s deep into the camera. Many of the latter images in the gallery required tireless spot removal in photoshop. The fiery winds would engulf me throughout the night into the morning. Soon after sunrise I retreated back down to Orchid St and over to the Queen Ave and then up what was left of Queen to the eastern side of the active lava flow. I made my way up to what used to be Paradise St. It was now a huge inflating Pahoehoe flow that was way to hot to cross over. The flow was making it’s way towards Queen Ave. It took me nearly three hours to clean up from that hike. You’ll know why when you see my self portraits.

6-21-09 Royal Gardens Lava

This was a return visit to the Royal Gardens flow to see the aftermath and destruction. Queen Ave was gone and only a small section of Orchid St remained. King Ave was also gone. Several night lava flow shots along with a sequential series at sunrise. Also, lava covering the Queen and Orchid intersection. It rained most of the night and morning on this hike.

On a serious note, don’t venture into these areas! I have more experience then most anyone in these conditions and my knowledge of the areas is extreme. There are real dangers out there for the inexperienced. Besides, everything is now gone so, there’s nothing left to see.

Don’t forget to visit the galleries to see some of the new images as prints. Along with many other favorites. Trudy’s Island Arts in the Kona International Market and Krazy About Kona in the Kona Inn  shopping village in town. Also, Kona Mountain Coffee across from Pine Trees on the Hwy. I’ll be at the Kona Stroll this Sunday the 26th too. I hope to have some new prints there.

Feel free to comment on my images either on this blog or my website. Good or bad, I can take it 🙂

Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited.
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