11-03-09 Lava destroys the white shelterpod

Aloha Everyone,

I’m way behind on my updates and new photo uploading. I’m adding this update ahead of others. Yesterday at the current lava flows the last remaining structure was finally destroyed by the lava. The flow broke out about two weeks ago and I have been tracking it ever since. This flow has been slow moving but, it has methodically covered most everything in its path. Last week I was out there exploring and a small flow started threatening the cabin. So, I ended up staying out from Tues night to Sunday morning. I hiked out twice to restock my supplies. The shelterpods owner has been very gracious over the past year and a half allowing me and others to use his place for shelter. It was like my lava flow home. I spent many full moon nights on the deck watching the lava flows. A friend called me on 11-03-09 in the morning to say the flow was only 60′ away and I’d better get out there. I live 2 1/2 hours away in Holualoa. So, I got going and hoped for the best. We all wanted the cabin to survive but, if it had to go I wanted to be there. As luck would have it, a narrow lobe of lava passed by the corner missing it by 6″s before I arrived. Then rain moved in to cool it. Once I arrived in Kalapana I then ran across the lava flow to the shelterpod with my heavy pack on my back. Its only about 1 mile+. I arrived with 40 minutes to spare. Even as the lava once again began to flow under the shelterpod it resisted burning quite well. But, it was no match the the intense heat. There are over 100 images of the event showing the progression from beginning to end. It lasted about 40 minutes starting at 12:30pm. Use the slide show option. The sheet metal roof might lay there until another flow comes along and bury’s it. The couch was spared by me for comfortable viewing.

Visit the gallery here 11-03-09 shelterpod Destruction

More updates coming from my previous hikes along with some publishing news!

Bryan Lowry

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