11-17-09 New Photos and Publishing News

Aloha Everyone,

This is a rather large update. Several new lava photo galleries added from numerous hikes that were previous to the white shelterpod being destroyed by the lava flows.

Also some publishing news that I keep forgetting to mention.

I’ll start with the publishing news since it actually went public back on Sept. 1st. I’m sure most of you have heard of Christian Dior out of Paris, France. They contacted me earlier in 2009 about the need for some lava flow images that would be needed for a composite use for the upcoming worldwide Fahrenheit AD campaign. It was for their updated mens cologne. Parts or most of several of my images were inserted into their images shot when they were here on the Big Island. All active lava to complete what wasn’t available to them at that time of their big shoot. While the base image isn’t mine it’s still an interesting licensing deal as the images are or will be on billboards, packaging, point of purchase displays etc… all over the world.

Any advertisers or companies reading this, I know the lava flows as well or better than anyone and I can deliver excellent results or at the very least be an exceptional consultant/guide for your production or photography crew. This goes for all parts of the Big Island of Hawaii. I have more experience out on the active lava flows than any other professional photographer shooting today. Quality references available by request.

I also have one of my lava flow photos on the current cover of the Big Island Traveler magazine.

Now on to my photos update.

There are a total of 7 new galleries from the new flow that broke out in Oct. 2009. It progressed from high above the pali on the eastern edge of the TEB (Thanksgiving Eve Breakout) flow down through what was left of the eastern part of the long abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision. An entirely new tube system formed and the flow slowly covered most of the existing lava flows on the flats leading to the Waikupanaha ocean entry. It also progressed east into the kipuka’s near the Hawaii county public viewing area. This is the same flow that destroyed the White Shelterpod.

Each of the following galleries will give a brief description of what you will see when viewing them. Some have a large amount of images as I spent quite a bit of time out there. Also, there are several that show a series of images that show a constant progression of the activity. In time I’ll be adding many to my Fine Art gallery.

Remember to use the slide show option when viewing. It can be pause at anytime allowing closer viewing.

10-10-09 Lava

This was more of an exploration hike to within a quarter of a mile of the base of what was once the eastern part of Royal Gardens subdivision to track the advancing new flow. Along the way I stopped at the Waikupanaha ocean entry for sunrise. I met up with some hikers on the way to a very small sulfur lined skylight into the main Waikupanaha lava tube. Lava could be viewed flowing swiftly toward the ocean about 10′ below us. The new lava flow was nearing the base of Royal Gardens. I would return the next morning.

10-11-09 Lava

On this hike I spent the night into the morning at the Waikupanaha ocean entry. It was a nice sunrise. I took along my Tiki Surfer Dude for one last hike. I’ve been collecting images of this trinket for years at several locations on the island and all over the volcano. But, it was beginning to fall apart so it was time for one last wave. I ventured to the base of Royal Gardens to map the current location of the new lava flow. Once again I met up with some hikers. Tiki Surfer Dude caught his last wave.

10-22-09 Lava

A small collection of images showing a film crew in action at the active lava flows. At the time lava was near the last most western section of paved hwy 130 in Kalapana area. The flow would consume this area completely in the following days.


This would be the first of 5 straight days and nights out at the lava flows. Lava was nearing the white shelterpod but, it would move ever so slowly inflating along the way so, I stayed hoping to be there when it finally did consume the structure.  First I checked out the lava flow that was in the forest near the end of the road. I found an interesting cluster of tree molds. Three were right next to each other. From there I visited the ocean entry for sunrise and then to the advancing flow that was nearing the shelterpod. I shot a series of infrared lava flow images and some surface flow shots. It was a great day and sunset. From there I visited the shelterpod for most of the night watching the flow slowly advance towards me.

10-29-30-09 Lava

This was a cool rainy day. I tracked the western lobe of the new flow as it neared the area that would be termed the west Waikupanaha ocean entry. The flow was moving along a previous lava tube. It was filling in cracks along the way. I stayed into the night and found an old Hawaii Volcanoes National Park trail hiker warning sign being covered by the slow-moving flow. I made frequent stops at the shelterpod throughout the night. On the 30th I made a brief stop at the ocean entry and then made my way to the flows near the county viewing area. The lava once again was flowing along the road remnants. Chatted with some tourists and then headed into town to re-stock my supplies for two more days and nights out on the flows. Stopped at a friends and did my laundry too.

10-31-09 Lava

This was a very long and active day at the flows. I was out shooting from 1am until after sunset. The western lobe finally made its way to the ocean over an old bench to the new black sand beach. Images show the flow approaching and then entering the ocean. It drew a small crowd and the lava viewing tour boats. I would venture back to the shelterpod on occasion checking on how close the lava flows were getting to it. Before sunrise and after sunset the nearly full moon lit up the flows real nice.


Another 1am start and the moon lit up the area brightly. Photos of the shelterpod and the advancing flow on all sides and the moon and lava glow on the small bay where the west Waikupanaha ocean entry was flowing. A sunrise visit to the Waikupanaha ocean entry shortly after a very large tube breakout that had extremely large lava bubbles exploding before I could get there. It didn’t last very long. It was a reaction to a small surge in the volume of lava flowing through the tube system. At about 3am a large tube breakout occurred on the lower pali from the new eastern tube system. This flow made its way to the flats in less than half an hour as it channeled very rapidly. Lastly there was a mysterious flame that emitted from the active lava flow only 50′ above the shelterpod. There will be some new Fine art prints from this collection of images. I made my way home this day and returned on Tues. Nov. 3rd just in time for the lava destroying the shelterpod.

I have another venue for my fine art prints. Hawaii’s only 4-D theater at The Shops at Mauna Lani.

New printing options and Adventure based Photo workshops to be announced later this week or early next week.

Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited.
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3 thoughts on “11-17-09 New Photos and Publishing News

  1. Just letting you know I appreciate the heads up, going to read it through soon…


  2. I think there must be a lot of conservation/photo-activist efforts yet to be tapped into within the diverse Hawaiian islands.

    What is your take on this potential?

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