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Aloha Everyone,

I guess I’m really overdue for an update. Never realized it has been two months.

I’ve been busy exploring. Finally got my new hiking boots. It took over 5 weeks. Hiking long distances wasn’t possible with my old boots.I’ll do my usual and list the new additions with the links to my website and a brief explanation of what you’re going to see. The new flow that is now called the Quarry flow officially reached the ocean and now we have the Ki ocean entry. Its way to easy to get to so, it does get crowded. So many people who take unneccessary chances just for a photo. That’s all I’ll say on that subject 🙂

It’s an interesting lava flow. I’ve been out there 5 times now. No need to go all of the time as my timing has been pretty good for activity. Made a long overdue trip to Green Sands beach in April. Took a real nice German/Canadian woman on a lava hike and a visit to Pololu valley. Seemed like she enjoyed the adventures.

I have lots of great news about upcoming events and partnerships. Well, two I need to hold off on telling about right now but, one I can mention. Our year old great local publication Ke Ola magazine is featuring me in their July/August edition. I’ve been collaborating with the writer over the past week. Hopefully everyone finds my story of interest. Well, it’s a shorten version. I really need to write a book or two. I’ll have an image on the cover and many more inside with the article.

My constant reminder of my donation of 20% of my website sales profits going to Easter Seals Hawaii on the Big Island. 10% from the retail locations with the exception of Kona Mountain Coffee. They are generously matching my 10% to make it 20% from their locations. I want to thank them very much for this! They are part of the other big news that will come in a later blog post.

I’m watching American Idol as I type this. Lee just kicked butt in the first round.

Okay, time for the photo additions. Some of them are small and maybe strange to a few of you. But, hey take a look anyway 🙂

3-15-10 Strawberries

Yep. Strawberries. Remember those times when you grab something out of your fridge only to find something way in the back you forgot existed? I found some old Strawberries that had tons of white fungus on them. I found them to be interesting for some close up shots. Lets see how many of you actually look.

3-28-10 1801 flow

My local favorite location for hiking old lava flows. I was out there breaking in my new hiking boots. Unfortunately I found some destructive spray paint graffiti. Quite large too. If you recognize the names be sure and make them go clean it up.

3-28-10 Boots

My new Merrell hiking boots when new and after their second lava flow hike. The lift melted so, they’re back in for repairs. Check out the difference. The outer sole was fine. The inner lift melted.

4-09-10 Lava

This was an exploration hike way up the pali east of Royal Gardens to see the progress of the huge flow making its way down. I took Anna, the German/Canadian woman along for her first lava experience. It’s much better appreciated when you have to work for it. Plus, no people ever up there. It was a nice and clear night until sunrise. Then the usual showers moved in. I only took a few photos. Mostly of Anna for her to have as a reminder of the adventure. Also a few shots of the Tiki Paddlers. Anna did great. I took it easy on her 🙂

4-14-10 Green Sands Beach

After 9 years I finally made it back to the South Point area. Can’t believe it had been so long. Its one of those places you go when someone visits but, my last few visitors never had time to go there. It was basically a terrible day for photos other than the brief bit of sunshine right after sunrise. After that it was high clouds and strong on shore winds. Spent then next day cleaning the sand out of my Jeep. I’m happy with the new images and many have been added to a Fine Art gallery. Beaches and Panoramic.

4-16-10 Pololu Valley

I took Anna for a day hike into the valley. It was back when we had those strong cold north winds. Great blue skies after a cloudy morning but, cold. You know its cold when a Canadian wears a sweatshirt the entire time. I froze my butt off.

4-30-10 Lava

The new ocean entry was going strong with a bright moon shining high above. Plenty of large waves made it interesting. The flow was still running real hot inland and burning forest. This was the first of a two-day outing.

5-01-10 Lava

The second day/night had quite a crowd until maybe 1am. After that it gets quiet. Had a cruise ship, the moon and some nice spigots of lava pouring over the benches front cliff. Unfortunately it was too steamy for great shots. The inland lava flows were good and strong.

Well, Lee kicked butt on Idol.

5-06-10 Lava

Another two-day/night visit as the flow was now moving long the remnants of hwy 130 and threatening to cut off access to the closest house to the flow. Plenty of people in the area. I got nice shots of people watching the flow from the road. But, my vantage point was from the flow its self. Nice perspective. There was a very large breakout from that inflating Pahoehoe flow that headed makai into the trees. This robbed the flow that was advancing east on the road of its lava supply and it died out not too long after. Got some nice shots of my new F-stop Tilopa camera backpack at the flow on the road. Some nice moon glow at the ocean entry and shots of the viewing information signs as lava flowed by them. Then watching the Quarry flow move east along the old 90-91 bench. That flow would eventually die before it hit the ocean. Sunset at the Ki ocean entry and some shots of the Lava Ocean Adventures tour boat with the ocean entry and then a few night shots with the stars.

5-07-10 Lava

This is a continuation of the previous day/night. In all I was up 65 hours. Not the first time and I doubt it will be the last. I waited for hours by the dying 91 bench flow to see if it would make it to the ocean. I stayed close for warmth as it slowly died out. Then I made my way to the Ki ocean entry. For once there were few people. I went to the west side to check out the rarely visited new black sand beach. Few new of its existence. At about 11pm there was a significant breakout on the west end of the ocean entry. The lava was moving quickly along the beach to the west. The new beach had filled in the coast at least 20-25 feet in height to the rim of the old coastal cliff. It rained most of the night and it was chilly too. The lava spread quickly over the new beach. At one point during the night a lone sand crab came up to my flashlight. It was the first time I’d ever seen anything living so close to a flow on a beach. It had been 10 years since there was such a great opportunity. The crab went against the now small cliff and I managed to get a few shots of it. Then it scampered away. As the flow moved along the beach blocking off the ocean the waves would shear off small basketball sized chunks of lava and sweep them onto the beach up behind the advancing flow. Many pieces would get picked up by the inflating pahoehoe flow and they would rest there. By morning and once the beach was covered there was a straight line of lava chunks up on the new flow. If I hadn’t been there to see how they got there myself, I’d thought the waves washed them up onto the flow. It was interesting to see how this all came about. Wish there had been a video set up to record it all. It was a 7 hour event. Morning twilight was exceptionally crisp and clear which allowed for great light over the new flow. Once the sun rose the lighting was interestingly spotty with showers approaching. Daylight revealed numerous dead crabs on the flow that were cooked to perfection. The area smelled of a seafood restaurant. Fresh sulfur crystals were all over what was once the old sea cliff. All in all it was a great night at the flow.

I hope some of you found this information of interest and you enjoy the images.

Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/ Use without my permission is prohibited.
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  1. Hey Jon,
    Thanks. Nothing groundbreaking was happening of course. My post are always a mixture of documentation, stock and a few possible fine art shots.

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