Photos from my latest lava hike

5-13-10 Quarry Flow Ki Ocean Entry

An over night exploration of the new lava flow. The activity was more subdued except for a 3am large surface flow breakout that wiped out a very large Kipuka of trees in a few hours. It was 30-40 feet wide at its start. It was more like a small wave of lava that slowly turned into numerous streams of lava. People foolishly venturing out onto the new bench and even going into the water. The beach fronting the new land isn’t safe. Best to stay off. Like I always say to newbies, once you experience how sudden and unforgiving a bench collapse can be you’ll know why one should never ever go there. I’ve never seen a photo from the bench that was any better then what can be had from a safer zone like the old coast line. There are many dangers in the water fronting an active lava flow and new bench. Large bowling ball sized or larger hot rocks being tossed about in the breaking waves is just one. Not to mention the steep beach and strong undertow. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure many others 🙂

Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/ Use without my permission is prohibited.
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