6-04-10 Pu’u’ O’o Hike

6-04-10 Pu’u’ O’o Hike (Click title to see photos)

Aloha Everyone,

Finally had a reason to hike to Pu’u’ O’o vent for the first time since July 2007. Lava has started filling the deep vent and a 1000′ x 400′ circulating lava pond has formed. I estimate its depth to be between 100 and 150 feet. If this is so, the ponds depth could be between 100 to 200 feet. If the opening deep in Pu’u’ O’o vent that feeds lava to the current east rift TEB eruption suddenly gets block, we could see a significant eruption at Pu’u’ O’o. It has two visible vents that are supplying the lava. The upper crust is floating on the pond and often it overturns. Unfortunately the steam and fumes obscured my views of the pond for most of my visit but, I did get some interesting shots regardless. It was overcast so this helped balance the light for scenic shots of the surrounding area. Pu’u’ O’o’s sides are extremely undercut in most areas so, extreme caution was taken as always up there. It’s not a place for the unfamiliar. Zero visibility white outs are common. I can navigate the vent in those conditions. I know the terrain by heart. Stay away if you can’t do this. Like many other areas of the volcano and even more so here, there are numerous things that can kill you. The photos show the pond during the night and at sunrise.  Also a few photos show my makeshift boot repair so I could do the hike. Hopefully my new boot will be back this week. Took my Cabela’s full size backpack for this hike as lots of warm clothes were needed. Feel free to comment on this post or individual images. Ask any questions you might have too.


Bryan Lowry

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Pu'u' O'o vent circulating lava pond

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2 thoughts on “6-04-10 Pu’u’ O’o Hike

  1. Silver duct tape, shoe goo, staples and some hard thin rubber. It worked for the 15+ hours I was on my feet.

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