6-12-10 Puu Oo New Vent

New vent forming on the inner east wall of Pu’u’ O’o vent. Puu Oo’s east spillway is starting to slump in the area. This is how the big vent at Halemaumau started 2+ years ago. Of course this on a much smaller scale. The area beneath there must be very hollowed out from the flow heading to the TEB area. I remember it starting to heat up prior to the July 2007 event. Wonder if it will cave in soon?

Update 6-17-10 Vent has been filling Puu Oo with steam since this post.

New vent on the inner east wall of Pu'u' O'o vent


Bryan Lowry

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2 thoughts on “6-12-10 Puu Oo New Vent

  1. Hey Bryan, just checked out your website for the first time in a while. WOW! It’s great! I so glad you are still out there doing what you love. Your photos just get better and better.

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