7-10-10 Lava Flow Double Rainbow

A couple of things to cover with this post.
First is my having the cover image on Ke Ola magazine and being the featured story in the July-August 2010 issue. It’s an absolute pleasure working with both Barb and Karen. Be sure and check it out. Free copies are located all over the Big Island. Subscriptions can be had for all of you who live elsewhere. The cover photo is a cropped version of this image that was shot Halloween 2009. A 20×30 of this image on metal can be seen at Krazy About Kona. Also, a big Mahalo to Marya Mann for writing a real nice piece about me.

7-10-10 Shield Lava Flow and Double Rainbow (Click link to visit gallery)

This was a relatively short hike for me. More of a nice walk with a slight elevation gain. I brought along a Sherpa of sorts as a favor for a good friend. I had Adam ready for one of my torturous adventures of 15-20 miles. As luck would have it for him the hike was short. It was definitely nice having someone along that’s not a photographer and could carry all of our water and food. My pack still weighed more than his. Adam was treated to a very nice flow that was slowly advancing down the lower pali. We spent the night relaxing close enough to it to keep warm as it rained continuously until mornings first light. The rained stopped just in time for me to get a few shots. I wasn’t expecting much and was only taking a few photos for this post. But, luck was working for me yet again. Adam too. A real nice lava stream broke out and quickly made its way over the older pahoehoe flow. I was easily able to get close for some nice shots. I would have been happy with that alone but, we were in for yet another treat. A stunning, and I mean stunning double rainbow appeared right there above the flowing stream of lava. Knowing that these usually don’t last long I had to act fast. I was able to switch to my fantastic Nikon 10.5 fish eye lens and get several shots off. It was needed to capture both full rainbows. Amazingly they got even more brilliant with each shot. It wasn’t long before they faded away from sight but, they made the entire adventure well worth it. It’s always great for me out there. This was just the icing on the cake. I was sure to let Adam know he was really fortunate to see so much from such a small flow. This is an example of what I call a “Micro World”. This is mentioned in the Ke Ola article. A typo has it as a “Micro Climate”. I ordered a few prints of these beautiful images and I hope to have them at the Kona Stroll this Sunday. The images won’t have names until the USGS scientists officially name the flow.

Just a reminder that a percentage of print sales profits goes to Easter Seals Hawaii on the Big Island. 10% from retail locations Exception is Kona Mountain Coffee which is 20% as they match my donation. 20% on website and art fair profits.

Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com story

Cover and full story


Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited.
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