8-05-06-10 New Ocean Entries


8-05-06-10 Lava (Click the link to view)

I returned to the lava flows after a week. The western Puhi-o-Kalaikini ocean entry was very small when I left on July 28th. I was blown away by how large it grew in only one week. It spanned over half a mile along the ancient coastline of Hakuma Horst. The inflating bench filled in every single small bay in the area. Two small blow holes too. The Ili ili ocean entry where Fox’s Landing black sand beach use to be was going strong too. It has since died out. I spent 18+ hours out there exploring everything I could. The Ili ili entry flow took out the entire Fox’s Landing horst trail. Beautiful Mango and Coconut trees were lost. The area was often referred to as the Palm Jungle. Thankfully kipukas of trees survived and many coconuts are sprouting young trees. The coconut trees fared much better with the large brush fires. Unfortunately all the great Mango trees were lost. It was at least refreshing to have them in season as the flows moved through. I ate tons of them. Smashed a few in my pockets too. My photos in this gallery show a sunset, the night and a sunrise at the ocean entries. Then the vast destruction of a section of the Hakuma Horst.  Some are similar but, either have people or not in them for publisher choices. Periods of crisp clean air made for some very clear images.

One safety note on the new land that has formed and the benches in general. There were already many venturing out into the danger/death zone. That would be the benches of new land. Anyone there could see, as the bench grew it made temporary beaches out ahead and to the sides of it. Then the lava would flow over these small black sand beaches. This went on all along the growth area. So what you have is heavy dense rock layered over loose sand. Its like putting a slab of steel over small ball bearings on a downward slope and holding it in place with tape.  Sooner or later its going to slide away. This is what the benches do. They slide suddenly. Many of the older ones like the 90-91 flows have since compacted the sand into rock. The same goes for the new beaches. They have formed quickly filling in 20′-25′ sea cliffs. They can wash away just as quickly. One large rogue wave can break it all away and you with it. The attached image shows the lava on a new beach. Stay safe and enjoy!

Lava flow on new unstable beach


Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited.
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