New Gallery Images and New Videos


I’ve added several new images to the Fine Art gallery. All from the July and August lava flow activity. 282-307 in the Volcano Gallery.

I’ve also added new videos to my Youtube page. My Youtube page can also be accessed via my website under the Menu tab. They are both from the 11+ days and nights I spent out there. Theres a part 1 and part 2 due to the 10 minute length restrictions on Youtube. Part 3 is yet to be shot. I ran out of memory space to shoot the destruction in the palm jungle near the Fox’s Landing trail.  The videos are unedited short clips from many longer videos. The long versions of each clip will be added soon for those that are interested. This isn’t HD great quality stuff. All were shot with a Casio pocket camera that a friend of mine found out in the lava flows. It had sat there for who knows how long in the heavy rain. Can’t believe it even worked after that. Its not rated waterproof. These are short documentary’s of my time out there with annotations when needed to better explain what your seeing. YouTube Page


Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/ Use without my permission is prohibited.
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