1-21-11 New Ocean Entry

Aloha Everyone,

There hasn’t been much to post about lately. I did an exploration hike at the lava flows this month and visited the brief Ki lava ocean entry. It was very subdued and eventually died out. Recently a new ocean entry has started at the front of the old Puhi’o’Kalaikini ocean entry lava delta. This new land is extremely unstable!!!! It was continually collapsing just a few months ago. The weight of the new flow could easily cause it collapse again. If your out there and it goes, there’s no escape. You will die. There are many so-called lava experts doing illegal tours down there and many are taking the unsuspecting into this dangerous and deadly area. Stay away! The dangers are very real. Read my earlier post for a more detailed explanation. Some of the people I know down there might not like my post because they are guilty of this but, if it saves one life I can live with people being angry with me. Theres a right way and a wrong way to do things at the lava flows. Going on a new and active lava delta is as wrong as it gets!! The image below roughly shows the old coastline prior to July 2010. For the most part its easy to define when out there. Stay back (mauka) of this coastline. Just because everyone else is going out on the bench doesn’t make it any safer.

USGS Photo 1-20-11

Ki lava flow ocean entry at sunrise


Bryan Lowry

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One thought on “1-21-11 New Ocean Entry

  1. There have been several injuries since the July Bench was formed including one where the rescue helicopter was called. There is no legal tours to place people lives in the danger. Some people are just unaware or blind to the dangers surrounding them. As a Geologist friend said to me regarding people on the lava field…. “Really there is just one simple rule to follow. If you don’t know the terrain or it’s dangers, YOU DO NOT BELONG THERE!”

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