Wedding Photos May 2011


No, not my wedding. I would wear a GoPro for that 🙂

Now, traditional weddings really aren’t my thing. But, when a long time close friend asked if I would shoot his I said “Only if its simple and interesting”.

He and his fiance had an idea of what they wanted but, of course time of year and weather played into the final decisions. Yes, decisions. We shot them reciting their wedding vows in Pololu valley at sunrise and the real wedding a few days later by Waipio valley at the Cliff House. If I was ever thinking of photographing weddings, this would be the type I’d prefer.

The Pololu valley shoot presented some real challenges. The first was getting up at 2am. For those of you not fimilair with the Big Island, Pololu is about one and a half hours from Kona. Then you need to hike down into the valley and hope it doesn’t rain at sunrise. Everything was going great time wise. A friend was along to shoot some very amateur type video. We were down on the beach with plenty of time before sunrise. The bride and groom weren’t there yet. The first and really only issue was his video tripod was broken. I swear I told him to check it before we left (smile). So, being that I’m the one who is in the best shape, I made the decision to run back up to my Jeep for the spare I carry. Halfway up I passed Jim and LaRen. They asked if everything was fine. I said “sure, other than the fact I have to run up and down the trail”. Not a big deal. There was still plenty of time.

Once everything was set with where the photos would be taken, all we needed was some luck with the weather. The issue was the dark and gloomy sky. Lucky for us there was a brief moment of color at the horizon when needed. I wanted to keep everything as natural as possible so, a flash was only used when absolutely needed. We also kept the posing simple as we had little time. Did I mention it was cold too? Worse for them as they went in the ocean after the reading of the vows. All in all it went very well. My video friend and I even did a hike deep into the valley afterwards.

Three days later I shot the wedding ceremony by Waipio valley.

This was a late afternoon event. A small wedding with a short ceremony. There was very little time for photos so, I again kept it simple and I shot when the sun would come out. Being that it was late in the day, the sun gave that real nice glow to everything. Deep blue skies to the east and dark gloomy clouds over the valley. We were situated right at the cliffs edge at the Waipio Cliff House. Also the edge of the clouds. Of course like most planned events the ceremony started late. I’m not one to get nervous or freak out so, all was fine. You do what you can with what you have. Just like the Pololu shoot, everything worked out great.

Would I be willing to shoot weddings or events like this in the future? Only if its something or somewhere unique that requires some effort to get there. I won’t give a price for shoots like this as it all depends on where and when. If anyone’s ever interested, email me with details on what you have in mind and we can go from there. Need ideas? I know this island as well as anyone.

The images below are samples of what I got. Click on the images to visit the galleries.

Wedding Vows



Bryan Lowry

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