2-22-12 Update


I see its been some time since my last post. Some have asked why I no longer post on facebook. It’s really only for posting links to this blog when I have something of interest to mention. I stopped posting lava flow updates as there were some using that info as their own and all I was really doing was helping them. As much as marketing and publicity are important to my business, ultimately it’s not whats really important to me. Others can have that. They seem to thrive on it or desperately need it. I’m content just doing my hiking and photography and an occasional post about them for those that are interested.

The holiday season was busy for me and then we finally started getting our winter swells. They were really late this year. I surf so, that’s what I’ve done besides work. I’d like to thank all who have purchased my images both past and most recently. Especially the metal prints. They are by far the best way to go with my work. I couldn’t continue to do this without everyone’s support.

The Dec 2011 lava flow died out quickly as I had expected it to. The current one that is following nearly the same path is trying to do something. I haven’t bothered hiking to it since the area is less interesting than it was in Dec. Besides, I do need to get work done on occasion. It too could be short-lived for many reasons. Today’s swarm of quakes could be the beginning of the change I’ve been anticipating.

Many adventures have been put on hold as my old PC finally died. Power surge from a car knocking down nearby power poles finished off an already weak hard drive. It was over 5 years old and had hard use. I’m currently using my little Acer netbook. It looks like it’s in the PC icu with so many wires and cables attached to it. (image below, junk phone pic) Surprisingly its out performing my old pc. Got it hooked up to my 27″ monitor. I have 300 gbs of video waiting to be edited too.

I’ve also been waiting on Nikon announcing some new cameras. My trusty old D200 is really a dinosaur in the Dslr world. You can see I missed a few upgrade years as I’m now eyeing out the Nikon D800. Anyone who has seen my worked displayed in the galleries can attest to how good of a camera the D200 was. Even my older D70 shots. The D800 is well suited for my type of photography. It does pain me to be paying so much for a new camera but, I expect to get a good 5 years out of it. Plus, its perfect for the many shots I have in mind. Meanwhile I’m keeping myself in shape for future extreme adventures by running and surfing.

Its going to be a spend $$$$$ year as everything I own needs to be replaced this year. As mentioned earlier a new camera, PC and its time for a reliable vehicle that gets great mpg. Might be time to get rid of the old dumb phone too and move up to one of them fancy smart phones. In other words, I’m banking on the economy picking up this year. Also Canadian’s and Australian’s continuing to buy my work on metal. Even had a Russian family take a few home last month.

My website will soon be getting a much-needed change. Right now its a flash-based platform which is no longer supported by Adobe. That means my site looks different or doesn’t even function on many devices like tablets and smart phones. The new HTML5 platform will work and look the same on everything. The company I’m with, ifp3.com will more than likely take HTML5 to the ultimate level like they did with flash. This will be lots of work for me but, it will be worth it.

I will be doing an art fair at the Keauhou Sheraton this Saturday. Stop by if you’re in the area. I hope to have several metal prints displayed if the wind cooperates.

I’m also hoping to announce a new retail site soon. Were working out the details at the moment. Not my gallery. No time for that.

So far this year is beating out last year and Kona once again has traffic so, there has to be new people on the roads.

No warnings in this post about not trying to do what I do. Unless your prone to tripping when running on the lava flows here on the Kona side.

Just wanted to let everyone know I’m still around and always will be. I will have plenty to post about once I have my new camera and get my videos processed.

Might squeeze in my overdue F-Stop Tilopa camera bag review now that its seen two years of hard use.

Stay Tuned!

Netbook Running The Show


Bryan Lowry

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4 thoughts on “2-22-12 Update

  1. Thanks for the comment. I’m still in limbo until the new camera arrives and then I will be busy hiking again. The new website goes live next week. Whether its done or not 🙂

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