6-08-12 Nikon D800 Images


I guess my infrequent post are getting very infrequent. It only means I’m out doing fun stuff.

Finally updated my old Nikon D200 to the incredible new Nikon D800. I’ve shot with the camera since late April.

Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been the best in the places I need sunshine. Many shots might have to wait until next winter. In the meantime I have some other nice images. There was one visit to the current lava flow. The flow really has been barely hanging on in the Royal Gardens area. There just isn’t a real good supply line to the tube system, so it seems. Minor deflation’s easily kill the flats flows.This is the longest I have ever seen a flow meander on the flats without getting to the ocean. It’s not at all surprising either.  I only bothered taking a few images. One with the crescent moon rising over the flow and most right at sunrise. They are so detailed its phenominal. These D800 shots can print to the size of a huge wall with no loss of detail. This camera has changed everything in digital photography. The only people I hear knocking it are the ones who can’t get one. Bought mine locally at Kona’s Lighthaus Camera. If your ever in Kona stop in for your photography needs.

Publishers take note, these images can go huge.

I’ve also been shooting lots of video since last year but, no time to edit any of it. I have more than 400gbs waiting for me to edit. I think its going to be a while before it happens.

Some of the new images will be in my display at Sunday’s Kona Stroll. I say some because many I ordered didn’t arrive in time. They will be in the Kona shops by this week.

The release of my new html5 website has been indefinitely delayed until the company with the software set up makes some very important changes. One is for my gallery thumbnails to show the correct image orientation and not squares. Hopefully they get this changed this year before everything I did is outdated. Stay tuned…..

When visiting one of the galleries below, open an image and click on the keyword “d800” to view all D800 images on my website.

As always feel free to comment on this post or any of the images. Your feedback is always welcomed. Forgot to mention you will notice my new blog.

5-14-12 Lava A visit to the meandering pahoehoe lava flows with my Nikon D800.

5-11-12 Pololu Valley. Went for sunrise. It was brief but, nice. Valley was clear most of the day. New No Trespassing signs. Seems to be the theme for this island lately. Might do a post on that subject soon.

© Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com 5-14-12-0946

Big Island of Hawaii remote beach

© Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com – Pololu Valley


Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.
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7 thoughts on “6-08-12 Nikon D800 Images

  1. I though you took the winter off. We have been over a couple of times and found the store on the Board Walk closed. Looks like the new D800 is doing fine out on the Lava. When is the next Kona Walk ? My try to get over and see some new prints. Ron

  2. Hey Ron, Hope you and Dave are well. The store is closed on Sundays and last month it was closed for a week. They did some needed a/c work.
    The stroll is tomorrow. I only have the small 8×12 prints. D800 prints are better seen and appreciated large. I will have some for the town store in a week or two. Haven’t decided which ones to do yet. You might want to wait until the July one. Should have one or two in the Volcano Art Center by the end of June. That might be easier for you. Thanks for taking a look……

  3. Stunning shots, Bryan! Do you camp out there by the flow overnight to get those sunset/sunrise shots?

  4. @Jeremy, I sent you a email on the 9th responding to yours. Ck your spam folder. Thanks on the photos. The short answers is I do stay out all night but, no camping.

  5. Great lava shots! I’m planning on coming to Hilo in September, and hope to get up to the volcano with my D90, 17-55 2.8 and a 70-200 2.8 to get some shots. What did you shoot these with?? It looks like you were right in front of the flow!

  6. @Kyle Thanks on the photos. The current images were from my D800 and both my 24mm 2.8 and 50mm 1.8. Yes, I’m right next to the flow.
    Its very easy and safe to do with slow moving flows like that. If the flow was a short walk in the park there would be 1000’s out there daily. Who knows what might be going on in Sept.
    This flow is barely hanging on right now. You have 2 great lenses to shoot with. The 17-55 will be your favorite on this island. Enjoy your visit.

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