6-17-12 Lava & Misc…..


Made another visit to the lava flow area. Activity was very subdued with many stagnant lobes of Pahoehoe lava scattered all over the flats below the pali. Finally found one small spot of more fluid breakouts. The pali flows were also sluggish. If it weren’t for the steep terrain they are on, they too could have easily been stagnant.

It was still a good visit. Windy as usual with some rain. Only took a few photos. Again, the new Nikon D800 is an amazing camera. A few from this hike will be in the Kona stores by late next week.

Added images from around here in Kona to the website. Just shots captured while playing with the D800.

Mostly I’ve been shooting stock photos.

This is a short post. Still waiting on the right weather conditions for my larger photo expeditions.

6-17-12 Lava Flow

Big Island Misc 2012

O-tech – Coastal shots of tide-pools and waves.

2012 © Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com

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Bryan Lowry

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