7-12-12 New Lava Video Clip


I’m finally finding some time to edit my huge video collection.

A very short clip from my GoPro HD Hero 2 that I shot on May 14, 2012.

Choose your favorite, either Youtube or Vimeo to view it. It’s full HD so let it load to avoid the stuttering.

Remember, its short. It’s a start.

I had that GoPro so hot during the last several months I couldn’t touch it but, it keeps on working.

All videos are available for licensing. Rights managed.

Images from that lava hike can be ordered here. Shot with my Nikon D800.

Feel free to comment.

7-14-12 Update: Longer video added with added footage from the same date. Youtube.


Bryan Lowry

All content is copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “7-12-12 New Lava Video Clip

  1. Hey Karin, Yes, I do melt too many shoes. It doesn’t bother you until your walking on a flat surface. They never melt evenly.

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