8-26-12 Updated Website & New Metal Prints


Yes, its been yet another long period between posts. Lets just say I’ve been busy.

My new HTML5 website is now live. Your same link works. lavapix.com

This new set up should load much quicker and look great on mobile devices. It really isn’t complete but, I doubt it will ever be. I have much more to add. I’m hoping to have a video clip page and lots more to come.

Be sure and visit the “Adventures” page. I have one short story from a hike to Pu’u O’o vent back in 2003. The new look is meant to be easy to navigate and find information. Generally the right side bar has needed information. This will be updated in a week or two. I have a lot going on now so, waiting until everything is just the way I want it would mean never going live.

Check out all the pages as they have been completely updated.

There are various options on locating my images. One is by keyword. It has to be a keyword I’ve assigned. You can’t just type in some random words. To do this you visit the Keyword Search page. You can either type in one of the keywords you see or highlight and drag and drop into the search box. This page can also be accessed via the side bar.

I’m looking for feedback on how the site looks on your monitor. It should look like the image below. The side bar should be on the right of the main body. If it isn’t please let me know and tell me whether your on a PC or a MAC, Windows XP, 7 or8. Also what browser. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. There were a few bugs that hopefully have been worked out.

I’m not looking for critics on how I have it set up. There will always be someone who thinks something should be different.

The next news to me at least, is very exciting!

I came up with this idea nearly two years ago and finally it can and has been accomplished. Metal prints that are the shape of the Big Island of Hawaii. As of now you can only get these from me. There’s only one available to see in person and its in Krazy About Kona in the Kona Inn Shopping Village. I have some added to my website along with the size and printing options. Many more to come. They are also available on metallic paper. On the paper print the island image is on a square print which is usually white unless the image dictates another color. Sample image below showing a frame around it. No framing available. I will have a few metallic paper prints with me today at the Kona Stroll. 1pm-5:30pm.

The metal cut outs float off of the wall like my standard metal prints. The one on display is the 20″ size. This is the size of the sheet of aluminum it is cut out of. Actual size is slightly smaller.

All of the islands can be done in this matter. It’s a work in progress. These Big Island metal prints will make a great remembrance of your visit here or a great piece of art for your island home or office.

Are you resort manager? What a beautiful display for the lobby.

Oh yeah, I have shot new images but, I just haven’t had time to add them to the website.

Okay. Its time for my “Don’t try to do what I do” warning.

Do not attempt to launch a new website and a new product and move all in the same week. This can be hazardous to your health and it can lead to burnout.


I look forward to your feedback and be sure to visit Krazy About Kona to see the one and only Big Island metal print. Open Mon-Sat. Closed Sunday.

How the site should look on your monitor

Big Island Metal & Metallic Paper Print


Bryan Lowry

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