2-05-13 Fine Art Gallery Images


Wow, my second post in only a few days time. Is anybody reading them? 🙂

I’ve added a few new images to the Fine Art galleries. Both volcanic and non-volcanic. They are shown in a small size below. Be sure to visit them on my website for larger views. Or better yet if you live here on the Big Island stop in at Krazy About Kona to view in person. #455 “Honu Milky Way” on metal has to be seen in person. With in minutes of displaying it at KAK it was the center of attention. Yes, its one image.

Its one of the shots I’ve been wanting to capture for too many years but, the camera I needed wasn’t part of my gear. That’s until I acquired the great Nikon D800 back in April of 2012. On this night through no fault of its own my D800 was quickly dying. No, not a battery issue. That would have been something I could handle. It was due to a heavy dousing of saltwater two weeks earlier. No sooner than I arrived at my location around 10 pm (Thankfully it was only a 45 minute hike)most of my lenses stopped working on it. Then it started exposing erratically and soon the auto focus would start failing. Thankfully my Nikon 10.5mm lens still worked and that’s really all I needed.

Using that lens does bring the D800 down to 16mp’s but, its a beautifully clean 16mp’s even at 3200 iso.

When I first arrived at the fishponds of Kiholo the first creatures I saw were thousands of what I will call bait fish jumping wildly as my flashlight lit up the waters. Next I observed several 3-4′ white tip sharks. That might explain the little ones jumping. As I headed to the deeper waters It was mainly just me and the Turtles. Occasionally the bait fish would stop by. Now I needed too many things to fall into place. One was no clouds as the Milky Way needed to be seen clearly. Finding Turtles wasn’t a problem. I also needed very still air so the water was very translucent. The camera issues and not having ripples in that water at the right moment took an entire night of patience. #455 was finally captured at 3:01 am. I was always ready to shoot throughout the night with my finger on the remote at all times. On occasion it would twitch and I would take a photo of nothing.

It was a beautiful night. A bit cold but, Kiholo is such a special place it didn’t matter. When the Milky Way first rose its straight up from the summit of Hualalai volcano from my vantage point. As the night progressed it slowly arch’s over the southern horizon. I’m sure this is due to the earths rotation. Once the nights shooting was over, (the D800 decided I was done) I packed up my gear and headed back to the Jeep and home just before sunrise. I knew sunrise wasn’t going to be much as there were no clouds. All in all it went well. My D800 went in for repairs and its now back and better than ever. Nikon’s west coast California based repair center did a great job and got the camera back to me within days. That’s even with what was referred to as major damage. Thanks to Nikon Professional Services to for keeping me posted on the progress of the repairs.

Now I’m waiting on a new special lens for more adventures coming this year. Its back ordered. Hopefully not for too long.

Looking at the photos below, can you guess what outing did the D800 in? I think if the weather sealed door for the mic and other connections hadn’t been opened it might have survived the flood of saltwater. At the time I had my external mic connected. Amazingly it still works fine.

The distant orange glow on #455 is from Kailua Kona’s city lights.

#452 is Makalawena beach during the big north swell in Dec 2012. #453 is the beautiful Mahaiula’s beach. #454c is Kilauea volcanoes summit featuring The Halemaumau eruption on a no wind night. The steam vents area and Jaggar museum can be seen through the lingering haze.

All can be purchased at various sizes on both Kodak Professional Metallic Paper and Metal. Pricing and sizes can be viewed on my website.

Hawaiian Honu under the Milky Way © Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com

Hawaiian Honu under the Milky Way © Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com

Aloha, Bryan Lowry lavapix.com All content is copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “2-05-13 Fine Art Gallery Images

  1. Aloha Brian, Just had to say how amazing and beautiful the “Honu Milky Way” is. I will be stopping by the Krazy About Kona gallery to check it out. I may need to add to my Lowry collection…oh and by the way, I am reading the posts : )

  2. Hey Cheryle, Thanks for letting me know. It was good running into you a few weeks ago. The Brooks gang was always my favorite stop back in the day. The ice cream bribes were funny.

  3. Hi,nice pics,where is the thumb?lol. I had the key to beach before the beach went public.Seen any Kona ?mocking birds?,donkies.I would camp on the beach every night,cook up while fishing for bonefish.we shot an episode of Fishing Tales there.Interested?

  4. Thanks for commenting happycamper. I remember the days before just anyone could drive down there. I’m pretty sure the Donkeys were all rounded up and sent away years ago as they were on the hwy too much. The Donkey crossing sign is gone. Now you only see the goats.

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