5-05-13 Lava Flow Photos & Video 2-13-13


Yeah, its been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been plenty busy with hikes and all. Finding time to process my work is an issue.

This post relates to a hike back in Feb. A visit to the current ocean entry. It’s basically still in the same general area. The only difference now are the benches (New land) are larger. It was quite windy as always. We had ourselves a very windy winter on the Big Island of Hawaii. Or many now call it Hawaii Island. I also loaded a full HD video to my Vimeo page.

I met a couple of friends at the flow on this outing. It continues to be a nice short walk of maybe 45 minutes at best. Don’t let anyone fool you, its nothing difficult unless you hike from the park side at the end of Chain Of Craters Road. Then its about 14 miles round trip. An easy 3-4 miles on the Kalapana side.

You will see in some of my photos that people are going down onto the new land and to what they perceive as a new black sand beach. (Image posted below) Stay off of these areas. They aren’t even slightly safe. Just because you see others who are supposed lava experts doing it doesn’t mean its safe. That’s not a real beach. Its broken down lava rock on an unstable bench that is undercut and ready to collapse. Just watch in my video when the lava tour boat goes right up to that supposed beach. The waters deep and when the land goes, you go with it. If you understand all of this and still go there, good luck.

There are other hiking adventures I will post about once I’ve accomplished everything I’ve set out to do. This could take weeks or even months. Those posts will be much more detailed as the hikes were much more involved.

Enjoy and pass along this post to your friends.

Gallery link

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People risking it all at Hawaii lava flow

People risking it all at Hawaii lava flow

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