9-02-14 Camera Phone & GoPro Photography


Wow, almost one year since my last post.

Being busy will do that.

This posting will cover something more people do now than ever before. Shooting photos with your camera phone or even a GoPro camera.

Now of course images from either aren’t going to print like what I get from my Nikon D800 but, you can get great results for general sharing.

The GoPro Hero 3+ I now use as my quick video camera also shoots great images once you understand how to do so.

Basically its a fixed 2.8 f-stop which means shallow depth of field so, be sure on your focal point. Which really isn’t all too important if your shooting at the cameras widest angle setting. It’s really the only setting I use because depth of field is better. View the gallery here.

The phone camera is on my Motorola Moto X. Now there have been many reviews since this phone came out that the camera isn’t very good. Well, it’s all a matter of knowing how to use it. For one, be sure the focal circle looks green and locked in before taking the pick. Sounds pretty simple but, its amazing how many people don’t do this. There’s also all kinds of Android software available for free to process your images quickly and easily. You can make them gaudy HDR’s or simply make them what you really saw. The key is practice until you find the method you like best. It’s a photo from your phone so, don’t fret about minor issues with colors etc…

I find myself using the camera on the Moto X more than anything. View the Moto X gallery here. Lots of images to browse through.

My D800 is only for the absolute important work for the gallery’s.

Be sure and visit each gallery to view many other images.

I’ve added a new gallery “Bryan’s Favorites“.

Also a new page on my website dedicated to my “Fire and Ice” image.

This past April I was invited to do a speaking engagement for a business conference at The Mauna Lani resort. My images and video were displayed on a beautiful 70″ HD television (everyone wanted to take it home) and I had a few large metal prints there. This went very well and I must say I enjoyed it very much. Met tons of great people who were captivated by both my work and my stories. 22+ years of lava flow adventures leaves me with plenty to talk about so, only having 1.5 hours to do so was a challenge. The resort employees were a great help setting everything up along with the conference staff. Mahalo Cindy and Patty.

So, this is now a new service I offer to resorts and visiting conferences. Having plenty of great material, no talk will ever be exactly the same. If your interested in having me speak at your conference or resort, visit my services page for more information.

There’s plenty to more to cover from the past several months but, I will get to that later. I want to keep this post relatively short.

Maybe some time this year I will post about my 27 mile hiking adventure. No camping and 20 hours on my feet. A marathon while carrying 65 lbs of gear. With all of the zigzagging around it was surly a few more miles. This is a great example of why when people say to me “I’d love to hike with you” I say, “No you wouldn’t”.

Don’t forget to visit my Youtube channel – lavapix. New videos of all kinds being added throughout the year.

My display of images at Krazy About Kona has a whole new look. Be sure and stop in next time you’re in Kailua Kona. (Photos coming soon)

Time for my usual warning.

Well, not the usual. Don’t expect too much from your phones cameras. Understanding their limits will allow you to capture great images.

A note on the current lava flow that’s going in and out of huge cracks in the dense forest. Stay away!! These cracks are huge with unstable edges. The lava flow can suddenly appear from underground trapping you. I explored the area many years ago anticipating future flows reaching this area. If lava reaches the farms outside of Pahoa, leave the residents alone.

Aloha, Bryan Lowry lavapix.com All content is copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/lavapix.com. Use without my permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.

GoPro Hero 3+ Honu

GoPro Hero 3+ Honu

Moto X Hawaii

Moto X Hawaii


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