6-30-16 Video – Lava Flow Hike


I’ve added a new video from a recent lava flow hike.

This is the front of a fairly large A’a lava flow.

This part of the flow was slowing down and would eventually stall but, that allowed me to film without having to constantly retreat.
You will see how an A’a flow advances.
The inner core is fed by a very large river of lava about a 1/4 of a mile back that was cascading down a steep pali (cliff).
As the flow reaches an area of resistance the flow rises in height.
A’a flows generally run at about 1700f. The outer portion cools in jagged pebbles to boulders. They roll off as it slowly advances.

The flow front ran between 10′ and 15′ high.

It sounds like dishes breaking.

This type of lava flow also puts out a tremendous amount of heat that radiates out quite far.
I had to be quick when placing the camera.
Notice the tiny GoPro in the first still image right after the intro.
Shot with my Motorola Droid Turbo 2.

All video clips shot with a GoPro Hero 3+.
Shot at 1080p 60 fps. Upsampled to 4k 60 fps.
Edited and produced in Cyberlink Power Director 14.

Feedback welcomed on how the up scaling looks to those watching on a 4k monitor or TV..
This is a test to see if it works well enough for now.
Of course, this takes quite a bit longer for YT to process to full scale. Deciding if its worth it or not. Upload time isn’t an issue.

Twice the camera shut down due to excessive heat.
The rear LCD attachment melted slightly and is now tacky to the touch. Also melted part of the waterproof housing.

Unfortunately there were steady 30 mph winds this visit.
With this wind came lots of dust and tiny rock particles in the air.
So, I stayed up wind as much as possible when shooting.

Video of this event from my Nikon D800 coming soon.

Thanks for subscribing and watching. Many more videos to come.
Be patient. What I do isn’t always easy.

My usual warning.
Do not attempt to do what I do.
I have 25 years of experience and I know what I’m doing out there.
So many things can go wrong for those who don’t understand or can’t recognize the dangers of a volcanic eruption.
Stay away and watch my videos instead.


Prints can be purchased locally at Krazy About Kona in the Kona Inn Shopping Village. 75-5744 Ali’i Drive. Two shops south of the Kona Inn Restaurant.

My usual warning.
Do not attempt to do what I do.
I have 25 years of experience and I know what I’m doing out there.
So many things can go wrong for those who don’t understand or can’t recognize the dangers of an eruption of this type.
Stay away. Follow my blog and Youtube channel and stay safe.
As of now the NE flow activity has stopped so, not much to see now anyway.

Photo licensing, BryanLowry@lavapix.com.

***All content copyright protected 2016 © Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com All rights reserved worldwide***
“To use videos in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Brave Bison at licensing@bravebison.io

Longer video clips available.

6-30-16 lava gopro

Hawaii lava flow. GoPro camera and A’a lava flow. Captured with a Motorola Droid Turbo 2. 2016 ©Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com


2 thoughts on “6-30-16 Video – Lava Flow Hike

  1. Outstanding, as usual Bryan….the magic from the flows is just so beautiful. Seeing the different types of lava, this one the jagged, rough, cutting being pushed from behind and the sounds of breaking, shattering glass and the different designs some like rope, some like smooth blobs…the landscape seems so barren, but….what’s going on beneath is the real wonder ! Thanks again for sharing all of this adventure with us. Keep it up and keep safe. You never know where those cinders are going to roll !

  2. Awesome Bry! Of course the film is great, but the sound you got really amazed me, especially with it being so windy! See ya in January! 🙂

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