Hawaii Lava Tube Hiking H#1 And The New Summit Eruption – Videos


I’ve made my first lava tube hiking video public.

Its the first in a series of lava tube hiking videos. Each becomes more difficult as it moves along.

Injuries occur in the later sections.

The majority of what you need to know is in the videos description. I rarely talk in these videos as the intent is for you to feel as though you’re the one hiking. If I tried to explain everything you see the video wouldn’t ever end and you’d tire of hearing my voice.

When lava tubes drain they leave behind numerous interesting features. They often have several layers to the system but, not all are accessible and many are dead ends.

I started filming this series in early 2020 and I’ve yet to finish the final section because, well, its 2020 a year to be remembered or forgotten depending on your personal experiences.

In later sections my time underground becomes extensive as the tubes get longer and more challenging. One hike was 7 hours of underground hiking and 4 more hours above ground. That part will be broken into 3 or 4 videos.

I’m not giving away the location of these lava tubes so they stay clean and protected and also not to encourage others into a possibly dangerous area. I’m offering up the opportunity to see a fascinating underground world and I’m hoping this area gets protected in some way. Maybe become a state or national park. An extension of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park would be great. There’s no reason to ever build in this area. There’s plenty of vacant land in other parts of the island. So much can be learned from these old lava flow eruptions. Also, its an area that will erupt again.

I’m not young anymore (60) so I move along slowly so as not to fall and get hurt but, in the end it happens sooner or later. Remember, I had both hips replaced back in 2018 and my back always hurts (I wonder why).

I offer two versions. A full one for those wanting to explore many of the interesting features and a short version for those of you that don’t need that experience.

I also have a couple of videos from Kilauea volcanoes new summit eruption. More to come. Stay tuned.

Short Version
Full Version
A short time lapse video of the plume
Video of the plume from the first morning of the eruption

Images from these outings can be seen at the links below. The lava tube ones are from my Panasonic GH5.

Additional older images will be added when I find the time.

Hawaii Volcano Lava Tube H#1 photo gallery

12-21-20 HVNP Summit Eruption

“To use this video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Brave Bison at licensing@bravebison.io ***Read The Description***

The volcano is going again at the summit and the vog is back in Kona.

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“To use video in a commercial player, advertising or in broadcasts, please email Brave Bison at licensing@bravebison.io

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