First let me note that this isn’t one of those over hyped lava photographer blogs. I really do what I say. If photos were easy to capture I will always say so. When I say an adventure was very difficult or extreme well, they are and no one should attempt to do what I do. There’s plenty of Bull and lets say exaggeration all over the internet when it comes to Hawaii lava flow photography. This isn’t one of those sites nor am I one of those people. A common phrase is “We or I go where no one else goes”. I’m now in my third decade of exploring and I spend the majority of my time in the areas where no one else goes that require several hours of fast paced hiking to reach and the only person I ever see is myself unless I bring a friend along. Also the occasional tour helicopter overhead if it’s an area of interest. The people in the heli’s can vouch for how far one had to hike to reach those areas. I have no sponsors so, any reviews on equipment are genuine. It’s an active volcano. There’s no need for exaggerations of any kind. Other than a few years before 2008 the ocean entries have been very easy to reach.

I was born and raised in the Detroit metro area of Michigan. I’m a Native American and a proud member of the Lumbee tribe.
Traveling and adventure have been a constant throughout my life. My camera is always with me.
During my 20’s I drove everywhere one can in my trusty 79 Mustang. Together we visited the 48 continental states and Alaska.
My first visit to Hawaii was in 1984. I would return often until my move to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1991.
After my first visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park I was hooked and knew this was where I wanted to stay. The park is constantly changing with each eruption. There’s nothing like hiking the barren lunar landscape and walking among hot flowing lava. Of course it wasn’t always like that. When I started hiking the lava flows the area was still heavily forested.

I’m fortunate enough to enjoy both hiking and photography. You really need to love hiking to be an avid volcano photographer.

Gear doesn’t last long in the volcanoes hostile environment.

Youtube - lavapix 1-01-15 stats


5 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Thanks Sean.
    As you can see, I don’t blog or tweet often. I prefer being out on adventures 🙂
    New update coming after the holidays or before New Years.

  2. Bryan, I am glad you are doing well and as always, your photography is breath taking. I wish you well, Peggy Allen

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