New Lava Flow Video On TV Show “Right This Minute” Plus, New Images Added To My Fine Art Gallery

Aloha, My latest video from the last breakout of lava on the north side of Pu’u O’o vent was recently shown on the TV show “Right This Minute“. I found out after the fact but, it can still be seen online at the above link or click on the photo. They show interesting videos from the … Continue reading

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcanoes Newest Lava Flow 5-26-16

Aloha, Kilauea volcanoes newest eruption/breakout. 5-26-16 Some of you may have already seen the news reports and aerial views of the latest lava flows coming from Pu’u O’o vents north and northeast slopes. As usual I’ll give you a glimpse of what it looked like from the ground. I only shot a short amount of video … Continue reading

4-27-15 Kilauea Volcano Halemaumau Vent Eruption

Aloha, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Kilauea volcano, Halemaumau vent eruption has escalated in recent days. The vent has started to overflow onto the crater floor. It’s quickly building into a perched lava lake. This could lead to all kinds of possibilities like filling the crater, large fountain vents, hornitos, it’s going to be interesting. Historic … Continue reading

“Fire and Ice” 10 Year Anniversary

Aloha, It’s hard to believe its been 10 years already since I captured my “Fire & Ice” image. Still seems like yesterday. You can read more about it on my website. “Fire & Ice” page. 13 years of planning and attempts that started in Jan 1992. After all that time and effort I had a … Continue reading

Skylights Are Cool – Hawaii Lava Flows 11-22-14

Aloha, A short post to let everyone know about some new images I’ve added to my website. They are in the gallery “Bryan’s Favorites”. #506 – #510c. Some insight on the new images available as prints. There was a time many years ago at the lava flows with in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park when lava … Continue reading

Wildlife Photographer of The Year – Finalist – 2014 – Image #488c

Aloha, There are only a select few contest I ever enter and this is one of them. This one I like due to the very high number of photographers and images entered from all over the world. You know your image truly stood out even if it only made finalist but, didn’t win. I congratulate … Continue reading