Panasonic Lumix GH5 Sample Photos


I’ve loaded numerous images from the GH5 to my website for viewing.

A miscellaneous gallery and images of the film crew I shot while being filmed for the Panasonic project back in Sept 2017. Both galleries have multiple pages. The film crew images let you see what I was looking at while being filmed. Just the opposite of what I usually see when out by myself.

Also loaded are surfing galleries. All images in those were shot with the Lumix 100 – 400mm which is the equivalent of 200 – 800mm. Super fast and sharp lens even at 800mm. Excellent silky smooth 4k video too. That will be in a future blog post.

To view the Surfing galleries, look to the far right on the header of my website.

Some images will be added to my Fine Art galleries in the near future.

All images on my website are available for licensing or as prints even if not marked.


Film crew at sunrise


Kona coast at sunset


Lunar eclipse Supermoon & Blue moon

Once again, a big thank you to Transition Productions, Pyramid Film Inc., and Panasonic.

Fine art Prints available at Pacific Fine Art in Kailua Kona, 75-5744 Ali’i Drive Hawaii at the Kona Inn Shopping Village. 808-329-5009

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I have 6 metal prints leftover from my Krazy About Kona wall display.

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11-30-16 New Photos & Videos


I was quite busy visiting the lava flow for a while back in August and September and then of course catching up on editing both photographs and video captured during those outings. It was great being able to ride the mountain bike most of the way and even right up to the lava flows at times.

Every outing was fantastic as always. Even the one with several inches of rain and constant thunder and lightning while riding out there in the dark. I did use my Gopro to video that ride. Haven’t processed it yet but, when I do I’ll let you know. I was fortunate enough to be at the flows each time a new ocean entry was about to start. Well, I timed it that way of course  🙂

A few changes have been made to my website Fine Art galleries.

The number of images has grown quite a bit over the years so, now I have the Volcano Fine Art images broken down into multiple galleries.

1 – 99, 100 – 199, 200 – 299, 300 – 399, 400 – 499, & 500 – 599.

Newest images can always be found in the higher numbered galleries. Start with image #522 and work your way up to see the latest as of this post.

Another big change is the separation of lava Fine Art from non-volcanic images. When you hover over the Fine Art Galleries menu you’ll see the additional galleries listed below the volcano ones.

Sunrise & Sunset – No Lava, Hawaii Night Photos – No Lava,

Green Sands Beach Fine Art, Big Island Shaped Prints, Big Island of Hawaii Misc – No Lava,

etc… Remember, you can always do a keyword search for a Fine Art image by its number. General keyword searches need to use one of the keywords posted on the Keywords page. You can’t use any random keywords.

Images from my outings at the lava flows in August & September can be seen at these links. All images are available as prints or for licensing.

Aug 2016 Lava 61g & Sept 2016 Lava 61g.

Several new videos have been added to my YouTube channel since my last post. Both lava and non-lava. Start here and work your way back. New videos are added often so, best to subscribe to my YT channel for instant notification to new video uploads. Each video has a detailed description.

Christmas is coming up quickly so, if you’re thinking of ordering a print for a present, best to do so soon. I can’t give an exact cut off date due to the many variables with orders.

Thanks for subscribing and watching. Comments are always welcomed.

Many more photos & videos to come.
Be patient. What I do isn’t always easy.

My usual warning.
Do not attempt to do what I do.
I have 25 years of experience and I know what I’m doing out there.
So many things can go wrong for those who don’t understand or can’t recognize the dangers of a volcanic eruption.
Stay away and watch my videos instead.

If you’re able to hike 8-9 miles, go see this in person.
Stay away from the edge of the sea cliff. I know this area very well so, I also know where not to go which is the most important thing. Always be aware of what’s going on inland of you. Large breakouts can suddenly occur.

Prints from my adventures can be purchased on my website
Or locally at Krazy About Kona in the Kona Inn Shopping Village, Kailua Kona, HI.

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