The Lost Kona Coast Hike


This is an area that’s close to home that I first visited way back in 1991.

I call it the Lost Kona Coast because it’s a beautiful untouched coastline that hides in plain sight.

Back in the 1990s, there was talk of building several large cruise ship ports in this area and having a road that would shuttle the passengers to town. Thankfully that never happened mostly due to the bad economy here at the time.

This area should never be developed.

I edited out the hike to the coast and the hike back. Those would add another hour and 20 minutes.

The hike started out cloudy and a bit dark but, soon the sun started peeking through allowing for colorful conditions.

This is yet another addition to my new series of hiking videos. They will appear in my Hike-U-Mentaries playlist. If you’re staying at home due to the worldwide pandemic, go on a hike with me. No fancy editing or cool music. Just everything I heard while out there.

Wear headphones or watch in a quiet place to avoid distracting sounds and take in the peacefulness of the area. Taking distancing to the extreme.

I’ll be loading a relaxing ocean sounds video using edited out clips from this hike. For those Serenity Now people 🙂

Why would I show an area I love to hike that I never see other people at? I’m hoping that it helps to preserve this location by becoming a park status of some kind.

The hike takes you by beautiful inland beaches and numerous small sea arches.

I caution anyone hiking anywhere along the coast to be aware of tides and ocean conditions like large swells etc… At the time of this hike the tide was low and the ocean extremely calm.

You’ll notice very large rounded boulders. They get moved around by large swells. Avoid these areas during such conditions. Stay inland by the sand. That’s the high tide large swell waterline.

This area remains relatively pristine and free of trash other than some random fisherman trash near the start. Please keep it that way.

I used the GoPro Hero 7 Black and a polarizer filter. Also, the ZLMC Foam Windscreen.

No enhancements.

I was also testing out my Shimoda Action X30 camera backpack. (Not sponsored) An excellent camera backpack. You’ll hear its shoulder harness squeaking some. It just needed some breaking in.

The nice thing about watching videos is you can skip ahead and watch at any pace you want.

Photos in my website gallery were shot with my Panasonic GH5 and the Leica 8 – 18mm. Dual image stabilization. I’m really enjoying the micro four-thirds camera system. My entire kit weighs only 7.5 lbs covering 8mm – 400mm (16mm – 800mm 35mm equivalent).

I didn’t bring my tripod as it was cloudy at the start and I wasn’t expecting to take very many photos. The tripod would have been for slow shutter speed shots. I improvised for them as it cleared and ended up being a beautiful day.

The gallery can be seen here.

The volcano stopped months ago and it could be years before it gets going again. I have tons of other videos I’ve been wanting to make so, now I can get busy on them.

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No warnings other than social distancing as there’s no flowing lava anywhere on the island. The Kona side has the clearest and most beautiful skies anyone can remember seeing. Be sure you have good sunglasses and reef safe non-aerosol fragrance-free sunscreen. The best I have ever used.

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11-30-16 New Photos & Videos


I was quite busy visiting the lava flow for a while back in August and September and then of course catching up on editing both photographs and video captured during those outings. It was great being able to ride the mountain bike most of the way and even right up to the lava flows at times.

Every outing was fantastic as always. Even the one with several inches of rain and constant thunder and lightning while riding out there in the dark. I did use my Gopro to video that ride. Haven’t processed it yet but, when I do I’ll let you know. I was fortunate enough to be at the flows each time a new ocean entry was about to start. Well, I timed it that way of course  🙂

A few changes have been made to my website Fine Art galleries.

The number of images has grown quite a bit over the years so, now I have the Volcano Fine Art images broken down into multiple galleries.

1 – 99, 100 – 199, 200 – 299, 300 – 399, 400 – 499, & 500 – 599.

Newest images can always be found in the higher numbered galleries. Start with image #522 and work your way up to see the latest as of this post.

Another big change is the separation of lava Fine Art from non-volcanic images. When you hover over the Fine Art Galleries menu you’ll see the additional galleries listed below the volcano ones.

Sunrise & Sunset – No Lava, Hawaii Night Photos – No Lava,

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etc… Remember, you can always do a keyword search for a Fine Art image by its number. General keyword searches need to use one of the keywords posted on the Keywords page. You can’t use any random keywords.

Images from my outings at the lava flows in August & September can be seen at these links. All images are available as prints or for licensing.

Aug 2016 Lava 61g & Sept 2016 Lava 61g.

Several new videos have been added to my YouTube channel since my last post. Both lava and non-lava. Start here and work your way back. New videos are added often so, best to subscribe to my YT channel for instant notification to new video uploads. Each video has a detailed description.

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Many more photos & videos to come.
Be patient. What I do isn’t always easy.

My usual warning.
Do not attempt to do what I do.
I have 25 years of experience and I know what I’m doing out there.
So many things can go wrong for those who don’t understand or can’t recognize the dangers of a volcanic eruption.
Stay away and watch my videos instead.

If you’re able to hike 8-9 miles, go see this in person.
Stay away from the edge of the sea cliff. I know this area very well so, I also know where not to go which is the most important thing. Always be aware of what’s going on inland of you. Large breakouts can suddenly occur.

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8-09-16End of the road. 2016 ©Bryan Lowry/



4-27-15 Kilauea Volcano Halemaumau Vent Eruption


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Kilauea volcano, Halemaumau vent eruption has escalated in recent days. The vent has started to overflow onto the crater floor. It’s quickly building into a perched lava lake. This could lead to all kinds of possibilities like filling the crater, large fountain vents, hornitos, it’s going to be interesting. Historic eruptions like this back in the 1800’s into the early 1900’s lasted 100 years. Might need to expand the parking lot if this follows suite. Or a shuttle system.

What you are seeing is the filled vents boiling lava lake. The sounds are from rocks and gases being releases. The dark crusted plates are constantly moving and bumping into each other. That’s much of the clanking sounds. As the lava circulates within the lake gases release. The lake has since overflowed covering a huge part of the crater floor. It has a long ways to go to fill the crater. It’s presently 280′ deep.

The viewing area is 1.2 miles away so, no close up shots can be had. When fewer people are there the sounds of rocks clanking or falling can easily be heard. Even some jetting sounds. Also crackling from the thermal expansion of the rocks above the boiling lake.

The video below is as much about the subtle sounds of the lava lake as it is the visual. Watch at full HD setting with headphones.

Shot with my Nikon D800, Sigma 120-300mm 2.8 lens and a Rode VideoMic Pro. Dolica professional tripod.


4-27-15 Nikon D800 video Halemaumau crater and vent.

Click here or on the image to view the photo gallery.

4-27-15 Halemaumau

Halemaumau Vent –

Be sure to view my images of past large perched lava lakes I was able to get up close to. Visit the links below. As it stands now, you won’t be seeing images nearly as good as what I shot years ago. The current viewing area is too far away.



Video 2011 lava lake (Crude shot with a cheap Casio Point and Shoot)

These were very rare opportunities that took tremendous effort to capture but, it was also extremely rewarding. The 2007 hike to the new and growing perched lava lakes came right on the heels of a 18 mile rt hike to Pu’u O’o vent where the fissure first opened. I hiked back down stopped at a friends for some sleep then we both did the 16+ mile hike to these lakes that would eventually turn into the TEB vent. I was pretty tired returning from the second hike.

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Photo licensing,

Prints #357c and #358c can also be purchased locally at Krazy About Kona in the Kona Inn Shopping Village. 75-5744 Ali’i Drive. Two shops south of the Kona Inn Restaurant.

Now for my usual warning.

Stay away from Pu’u O’o vent as its extremely unstable and there’s nothing to see anyway. The vent is constantly filled with thick fumes obscuring any possible views into the vent. Toxic fumes regularly surround the vent too. Visit Jaggar Museum and enjoy being able to view the distant lava lake safely and conveniently. Leave the drone home as national parks are a “No fly zone”.

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12-01-11 Royal Gardens Lava Flow


I made another visit to the current lava flow. The lava has made its way into the upper remaining Kipuka’s that have small sections of pavement. My goal was to hike to those streets but, once I arrived at the flow front I could tell there was no reason to hike up any farther.

It was a cold clear night with a strong north wind. My favorite time for any photography as it leads to stunningly clear skies and horizons. I’ll take a great clear morning twilight image over any sunrise or sunset. This is why I hike all night to my destinations. Overall the flow isn’t all that large but, its headed directly towards a large gulch area between a kipuka and the high area created by the past 3 years lava flows. Once in this low channeled area it will consolidate and pick up speed. Also the terrain gets much steeper. (Since my visit, the flow has progressed rapidly)

I didn’t take many photos during my 6 hours up there. I mostly shot video with my GoPro HD Hero 2 camera. (Be sure and watch the GoPro opening page video) When I’ll ever get that processed who knows. I need a new PC to handle the large files. It was a pretty cold night and very windy. Had to stay close to the flow to stay warm. Morning twilight was beautiful. Can you guess which image is my favorite from the hike? I was situated at the bottom of a steep grade. The flow was being steered towards the south southeast by the higher terrain that’s covered by a very large A’a flow from the 1980’s.

I decided to hike straight down the path I expect the lava to head down. This would take me to Jack Thompsons street. This is a steady down slope that turns near vertical the last 400′-500′ of elevation. I’ve hiked this many times before so, I knew what to expect. That vertical wall is very tricky. I advise people to avoid this area. One fall and your in serious trouble. My last video battery died just as I got to that last big drop. I did have my great Goal Zero solar charger but, I forgot the GoPro’s cable. I also had my Goal Zero Portable speaker for the hike. First time I ever hiked with anything other than the voices in my head 🙂 Its absolutely great. Just plug your MP3 player into it and close and listen. It lasted the entire 9 hours of actual hiking. I even dropped it several times. I had in the top of my pack at night and in my chest pack on the hike back. All in all it was a great hike. My new Merrel hiking shoes were a bit of a challenge but, nothing new laces and different socks shouldn’t cure. Not one blister! 3 hours non-stop up and 4 hours back due to my challenging route choice. I enjoy challenges.

Its appears the flow will again come close to the last residents location. Jack is still perched at a slightly higher elevation then where the lava is heading but, his worry could be fire depending on the weather and the duration of this lava flow. We will know soon enough.

Yes, its the Don’t try and do what I do time.

This hike and area have many hidden dangers as I’ve shown on the USGS image that was posted today. Also the flow will move very fast once it hits the very steep section from the 700′ elevation on down. You can’t out run it. The area I marked slightly east is full of shallow and hollow lava tubes from the 2008-2010 lava flows. Not too mention this flow is still a very long hike. On this day I had the worse hiking conditions you can have. Bright sunny skies with what I called a Thermo Nuclear wind blowing in my face the entire way back. Heat stroke is a real danger. I strongly advise against people doing tours to the flow if it stays miles from the end of 130. Can you carry someone back if they pass out? I’m a strong seasoned hiker and those conditions still have a great effect on me. Even with me being completely prepared. Nothing worse than the inexperienced leading the even more inexperienced into an area like this. Like I’ve said before, this isn’t the half an hour walk to the past 3 years lava flows. This gets serious. Those that really know me and what I have done over the years will take my advice seriously. I wish the flow had gone further to the west closer to Chain of Craters road in the National park. I hate to see the Kalapana circus come back to life. Its probably a love hate thing for the few residents of the area.

Like I said, I took very few photos. You can see them here. 12-01-11 Royal Gardens Lava

I had more to say but, I can’t remember it right now 🙂

Lava flowing through a Kipuka of trees

My new Merrell hiking shoes. Right one has my homemade 5/8 lift. I'm way more messed up than I appear. © Bryan Lowry /

USGS Image 12-02-11. The X at 12-01-11 shows where I was.


Bryan Lowry

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