10-22-18 Kilauea Volcano Summit


Soon after Hawaii Volcanoes National Park opened I went out for the first full moon at the summit. The usual damp and breezy trade winds were gone and the area had some very heavy southerly rains right up until I arrived. The rest of the night was still and unusually warm.

A huge steam cloud rose high above Halemaumau vent. It would slowly burn off through the night and sunrise.

As sunrise began the moonset also started. The moon set behind Mauna Loa.

During a brief period, the lighting from both the moon and the sun evened out giving HDR-like images. The steam vanished quickly once the sun rose.

The open areas of the park offer up incredible views into the summits new look. Stay in open areas. Numerous large cracks are scattered throughout the summit.

Jaggar Museum can be seen in several of the images.

Images from that outing 9-25-18 HVNP

Fine Art prints from that night and sunrise/moonset can be found here 573A – 591.

All were captured with my Panasonic GH5 and various Leica lenses.


Collapsed Section of Crater Rim Drive, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park



The closed section of Crater Rim Drive. Sunken and cracked up ahead. The setting full moon.

No warnings as there’s no flowing lava anywhere on the island. The Kona side has the clearest and most beautiful skies anyone can remember seeing. Be sure you have good sunglasses and reef safe non-aerosol fragrance-free sunscreen. The best I have ever used.

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Violet Moffitt Lowry

July 7, 1937 – March 12, 2018

10-22-18 YT 72mil 157k subs


7-26-13 Flossie Again


So the news is a tropical storm named Flossie is heading towards the Big Island of Hawaii.

They say we will only get the remnants of it which should mean great sunrises and sunsets.

Hopefully some decent surf too.

Bench dwellers at the lava flow ocean entry beware! You’re luck could run out if the surf does get big.

Six years ago hurricane Flossie passed 100 miles south of us.

Two things I remember about that storm. Great surf and stunning sunsets.

Remember when they said Iniki wasn’t supposed to be much of a storm and wouldn’t hit….Look what it did.

Two photos from that first Flossie.

Hawaii sunset

2007 hurricane Flossie Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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