Panasonic Lumix GH5 Film Project 2017


Back in September, I was the photographer in a promotional film project for the Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera system.

Of course, we ventured out to the lava flows.

It was three days of filming along with one night.

This was a large group and all did well on the long night hike to the lava flow. For most, it was their first experience at lava flows. The flow rewarded us all with two streams of lava at the base of the pali. They would spread out onto the flats near the base. The weather was also great until we started our trek back. Heavy cold rain moved in. That is perfect and much better than hiking back in the brutal Hawaii sun.

The GH5 is an incredible camera. The options for video are endless. Stunning 4K at 60 fps.

Met several great people who were involved in the project.

The film can be seen on one of these sites. 4 million views and counting. Short version YT Panasonic’s website Transitions Productions Youtube   

My lava flow videos can be seen below or on my Youtube channel. The Youtube channel will have the description.

Part 1 and Part 2. Read the description and be sure to watch all at high res, full screen.

More video coming from the GH5 of surfing here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Also, news about the new gallery I’ll be in here in Kailua Kona after Thanksgiving.

Feel free to leave comments if you have anything to say.

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The Big Island of Hawaii 61g lava flow Panasonic GH5

A big thank you to Transition Productions, Pyramid Film Inc., and Panasonic.

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2-16-17 Lava Ocean Entry “Fire Hose”


New video of the explosive lava flow ocean entry at Kilauea volcano Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Photos will follow at a later date.

Lava Fire Hose at the Kamokuna ocean entry. 61g lava flow.

There’s been a significant lava Fire Hose coming out of the sea cliff ever since the bench/delta collapsed New Years Eve. If you’ve been reading my warnings at the end of the descriptions, you know this comes as no surprise.

Said this in my previous video;
The sea cliff blocking the view of it is ready to fall soon. Later in the video after sunrise you can see the large cracks in it that run deep into the depths of the ocean.

It did collapse.

In this video you’ll see a dozen or more people at the cliffs edge. This coast line will continue to collapse. Don’t go where they are!!

The Fire Hose is estimated to be about 90′ high and several feet round.

Stay away from this sea cliff!!!!!

The people there are lucky to be alive. Nothing brave about being out there. Nothing great to see as the steam blocks their view. That area is set to collapse at any time. Not to mention the large hot rocks flying all over that could have killed them.

This isn’t one of those times when its safe to be at an ocean entry.
Stay in the clearly marked safe zone.

Thanks for subscribing and watching. Many more videos to come.
Be patient. What I do isn’t always easy.

My usual warning.
Do not attempt to do what I do.
I have 26 years of experience and I know what I’m doing out there.
So many things can go wrong for those who don’t understand or can’t recognize the dangers of a volcanic eruption.
Stay away and watch my videos instead.

Having said my usual warning, let me add that this flow is accessible via hikes of at least 8-9 miles round trip.
Expect large crowds of people. Be sure to carry at least 3 liters of water per person.

There’s a real nice surface flow nearing the coast too.

Always use extreme caution at the sea cliffs and never walk out onto new land as it could easily collapse into the ocean taking you with it.
As the bench grows the immediate sea cliff will be vulnerable to collapse also.
I highly recommend you watching this HVNP safety video on safety at ocean entries.

Also, its best not to breath if you find yourself engulfed in the steam plume. If you think you will be in it often, be sure to wear a respirator or at the very least cover your mouth and nose with a shirt or similar when breathing.

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