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A short article about me was recently published on Lonely Planets website.

The one image that states its me against the backdrop of lava is actually a friend of mine. If you who know me, notice he has too many fingers and I’m better looking too.

Activity at the current lava flow has been slow.

I do have a new video on my Youtube channel that’s posted below. Just a series of relaxing surface flows. The subtle sounds are peaceful too.

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10-4-5-12 Lava Flow


Made my way back out to the current lava flow that is taking out the middle kipuka of the remnants of Royal Gardens subdivision.

This time I decided to do what I use to always do. That’s stay out all night. In all I was out and about for 18 hours. People who I meet on my hikes always wonder why I carry so much gear. You need lots of water for an outing that long. I had 7.5 liters of liquids. I had less than 1 liter left by the time I was done.

The flow had made its way down to the flats since my previous visit. It also did as expected and flowed directly down Prince Av. The flow was still very shallow and wide-spread. There were few chances of crossing it this time. There were several other people showing up as the first day ended. By 8pm I had the entire flow to myself. It would stay that way throughout the rest of the hike.

The small lobe of lava that was riding the spine of the kipuka did make its way to Orchid Av right at its western end and highest point. Lava hit the road about 8:10pm on the 4th. The lobe was very sluggish and it was in no hurry to go further. From about 9pm to 4am the flow field activity was subdued with very slow inflation. It was a windy but dry night. I spent my time exploring the outer bounds of the activity. This included going up the pali on each side of the kipuka. There were some sections I could cross and get to the forest but, no chance of going beyond the forest edge. Too many fires around to chance it.

Shot lots of video. Unfortunately the wind was too much even for my external mic and dead cat wind sock. But, none the less the video is pretty cool.

The photos show the usual progression of light as it changes both through the sunset and sunrise. Neither were all that great but, the twilight colors are always interesting. At 4am the flow had a solid 2 hour surge. It was more of a slabby and jelly pahoehoe flow. Many times the jelly texture means that front is dying out. But, no doubt inflated lava further back eventually overran it and moved further out onto the flats. By the time I was starting my hike homeward the lava on Orchid had progressed very little.

I was on my feet probably 99% of the 18 hours. One only needs to look at my swollen feet to believe it.

No warnings this post.

10-4-5-12 Lava Flow

Sunrise slabby pahoehoe flow


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