Panasonic Lumix GH5 Sample Photos


I’ve loaded numerous images from the GH5 to my website for viewing.

A miscellaneous gallery and images of the film crew I shot while being filmed for the Panasonic project back in Sept 2017. Both galleries have multiple pages. The film crew images let you see what I was looking at while being filmed. Just the opposite of what I usually see when out by myself.

Also loaded are surfing galleries. All images in those were shot with the Lumix 100 – 400mm which is the equivalent of 200 – 800mm. Super fast and sharp lens even at 800mm. Excellent silky smooth 4k video too. That will be in a future blog post.

To view the Surfing galleries, look to the far right on the header of my website.

Some images will be added to my Fine Art galleries in the near future.

All images on my website are available for licensing or as prints even if not marked.


Film crew at sunrise


Kona coast at sunset


Lunar eclipse Supermoon & Blue moon

Once again, a big thank you to Transition Productions, Pyramid Film Inc., and Panasonic.

Fine art Prints available at Pacific Fine Art in Kailua Kona, 75-5744 Ali’i Drive Hawaii at the Kona Inn Shopping Village. 808-329-5009

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9-02-14 Camera Phone & GoPro Photography


Wow, almost one year since my last post.

Being busy will do that.

This posting will cover something more people do now than ever before. Shooting photos with your camera phone or even a GoPro camera.

Now of course images from either aren’t going to print like what I get from my Nikon D800 but, you can get great results for general sharing.

The GoPro Hero 3+ I now use as my quick video camera also shoots great images once you understand how to do so.

Basically its a fixed 2.8 f-stop which means shallow depth of field so, be sure on your focal point. Which really isn’t all too important if your shooting at the cameras widest angle setting. It’s really the only setting I use because depth of field is better. View the gallery here.

The phone camera is on my Motorola Moto X. Now there have been many reviews since this phone came out that the camera isn’t very good. Well, it’s all a matter of knowing how to use it. For one, be sure the focal circle looks green and locked in before taking the pick. Sounds pretty simple but, its amazing how many people don’t do this. There’s also all kinds of Android software available for free to process your images quickly and easily. You can make them gaudy HDR’s or simply make them what you really saw. The key is practice until you find the method you like best. It’s a photo from your phone so, don’t fret about minor issues with colors etc…

I find myself using the camera on the Moto X more than anything. View the Moto X gallery here. Lots of images to browse through.

My D800 is only for the absolute important work for the gallery’s.

Be sure and visit each gallery to view many other images.

I’ve added a new gallery “Bryan’s Favorites“.

Also a new page on my website dedicated to my “Fire and Ice” image.

This past April I was invited to do a speaking engagement for a business conference at The Mauna Lani resort. My images and video were displayed on a beautiful 70″ HD television (everyone wanted to take it home) and I had a few large metal prints there. This went very well and I must say I enjoyed it very much. Met tons of great people who were captivated by both my work and my stories. 22+ years of lava flow adventures leaves me with plenty to talk about so, only having 1.5 hours to do so was a challenge. The resort employees were a great help setting everything up along with the conference staff. Mahalo Cindy and Patty.

So, this is now a new service I offer to resorts and visiting conferences. Having plenty of great material, no talk will ever be exactly the same. If your interested in having me speak at your conference or resort, visit my services page for more information.

There’s plenty to more to cover from the past several months but, I will get to that later. I want to keep this post relatively short.

Maybe some time this year I will post about my 27 mile hiking adventure. No camping and 20 hours on my feet. A marathon while carrying 65 lbs of gear. With all of the zigzagging around it was surly a few more miles. This is a great example of why when people say to me “I’d love to hike with you” I say, “No you wouldn’t”.

Don’t forget to visit my Youtube channel – lavapix. New videos of all kinds being added throughout the year.

My display of images at Krazy About Kona has a whole new look. Be sure and stop in next time you’re in Kailua Kona. (Photos coming soon)

Time for my usual warning.

Well, not the usual. Don’t expect too much from your phones cameras. Understanding their limits will allow you to capture great images.

A note on the current lava flow that’s going in and out of huge cracks in the dense forest. Stay away!! These cracks are huge with unstable edges. The lava flow can suddenly appear from underground trapping you. I explored the area many years ago anticipating future flows reaching this area. If lava reaches the farms outside of Pahoa, leave the residents alone.

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GoPro Hero 3+ Honu

GoPro Hero 3+ Honu

Moto X Hawaii

Moto X Hawaii

7-26-13 Flossie Again


So the news is a tropical storm named Flossie is heading towards the Big Island of Hawaii.

They say we will only get the remnants of it which should mean great sunrises and sunsets.

Hopefully some decent surf too.

Bench dwellers at the lava flow ocean entry beware! You’re luck could run out if the surf does get big.

Six years ago hurricane Flossie passed 100 miles south of us.

Two things I remember about that storm. Great surf and stunning sunsets.

Remember when they said Iniki wasn’t supposed to be much of a storm and wouldn’t hit….Look what it did.

Two photos from that first Flossie.

Hawaii sunset

2007 hurricane Flossie Kailua Kona, Hawaii

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11-25-12 New Lava Ocean Entry & Nikon D800 DSLR


Well, the lava flow did finally reach the ocean. It’s maybe half a mile west of the old Waikupanaha ocean entry. It’s an easy walk of less than one hour.

Nothing ultra spectacular and in a difficult place for great close up viewing. Still great to see. The coastline is very sloped and can be dangerous. Viewing from further back to the east could be best. You can see this in my new photos. I spent most of my time on the western downwind side. Lots of lens cleaning but, I figured when others started arriving at sunrise none would venture over to that area. It worked out well. The flow was still shallow and plenty hot crossing but, nothing I haven’t done many times before. I also wanted the sunrise sky but, sunrise wasn’t very spectacular. It was nice though.

I didn’t shoot too many images even though I was out there from about 12 am Sunday through sunrise. Shot some nice video that I am starting to edit. The flow is still sluggish like they have been over the past year now. Not sure if this has enough volume to keep going. Get to it while you can. If your unsure of hiking to it yourself, I do on occasion take small tours but, we are out for long periods of time. Information can be found on my “Services” page. If a shorter excursion better suits you, I have references of private parties who live down there. This is an easy hike but, it’s still not for everyone.

For all of you Nikon D800 owners or Nikon/camera people in general, there’s a good chance this is the first time a lava flow ocean entry has been captured with a D800.

What I can tell you is it performs beautifully just as I had expected. I shot several night shots at up to 3200 ISO and they are very clean with only minimal noise reduction applied in Nikon’s Capture NX2. I shot between iso 100 and 3200 with most being in the 500-1000 range. Where the D800 really shines is exposure. I won’t get into exactly what I have the camera settings at. This isn’t a tutorial. I’m just letting you all know the camera is very capable in low light and very harsh contrast conditions. Many were concerned with the 36mp sensor and noise. What I find is it also depends on the lens used an under what lighting conditions.

Much of the night video was shot at very high iso’s up to 5000 and again it did great. No issues with battery life. I do carry 2 and only needed to switch over after sunrise.

When the short video sequences are finished and loaded I will update this post. Unfortunately all through sunrise a helicopter hovered low and right near the flow. So, that’s all one can hear. It wasn’t the usual tours as they arrive at 7:45 am daily. It also wasn’t a production company that I could see in my close up images. Just four people with point and shoot cameras from what I could see. Figured I might as well get photos and video of them as they were doing the same of me and the lava. Maybe Paul Allen’s people? His mega yacht has been in Kona for several days now. It does house two helicopters. Yes, its huge! I was hoping for at least one dinner invite while it’s in town. One of my lava flow metal prints would look good in it. Or it was just a local privately owned tour.

I have added a new lava flow video page on my website. For now a couple of crude time-lapse ones and a short video. All from recent lava hikes. Nothing fancy. I’m not trying to be some famous Hollywood producer.

This leads me to my “Don’t try to do what I do” rant.

Don’t try to be a famous film producer doing what I do unless you have lots of expendable funds and nothing better to do. Oh wait, I just said I’m not trying to be one…This is the type of warning you get from me when the lava flow is easy to get too. Do watch the HVNP lava safety video I posted on my website. Pay close attention to what they say about new land. Also know as benches or deltas.

Links to points of interest from this post.

11-25-12 Lava Ocean Entry Nikon D800 I noted the iso used on a few images in the caption information for you D800 users.

Volcano video page Update – Video from this hike has been loaded to the page.

Lava viewing safety video


Hawaii adventure hiking

Hawaii lava flow entering the ocean after cascading over a 30′ sea cliff


Bryan Lowry

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11-03-12 HVNP


I’ve been busy hiking and have had little time to post anything. I never find a way to catch up on my images. This post is about my last two visits to the volcano. Remember, I post shots from various angles for publishers. A few from these outings might be added to my Fine Art gallery.

The first was to the park its self and some images of Halemaumau’s glow before and during sunrise. The lack of trade winds meant there would be calm conditions allowing the plume to rise straight up into the night sky. I also stopped along the highway to get a few shots from a distance. The glow was very bright and easy to see for miles. After a nice pre dawn session I ventured to other areas of the park to take advantage of the light winds and beautiful skies. I did shoot Thurston lava tube too which was nice and dry for once.

View the gallery here. 11-03-12 HVNP

I know the images are posted at a small on my website. Having about ten thousand images on their its necessary to keep them small so the site loads quickly. The detail in the images from my Nikon D800 is amazing. If you’re a publisher looking to license any of them, you won’t be disappointed. They’re meant to print at large sizes.

The other gallery is small but, it does have some interesting images from a recent hike to the lava flows just east of the park. I can’t post everything I shot right now or even say why not. They will have to wait until some time early next year. Lets just say it was a great experience. For the most part the weather was nasty with strong trade winds and frequent showers. We did get a nice though a bit muted lunar rainbow and then a nice morning rainbow. The lunar one was muted as it was only a crescent moon which I was surprised to see it produce even that. Had it been a full moon one, a spectacular image could have been captured. As it was, my only opportunity wasn’t successful due to the strong winds. The lava flow activity was very subdued. So, much so that the flow wasn’t really seen until we were right there.

Limited images from this hike can be seen here. 11-09-12 lava

I have many other images to post if I ever find the time from other parts of the Big Island. And then there’s the video footage I always talk about too…..

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Kilauea’s Halemaumau Vent

Hawaii lava flows

Jeep under the Milky Way and the glow from Puu Oo vent


Bryan Lowry

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10-14-12 Kona Ironman


This was my 20th Ironman race. All as a spectator. So, I took only a few images before sunrise and the swim start and the first pros to exit the ocean.

There was a small south swell. Lucky for the main group of swimmers, a larger set of waves came in just before their mass start. Many could have been caught on the fringes of the outside breakers.

Anyone who did the race in 2004 or 2005, you can look for yourself in the galleries below. File numbers are the race numbers. Images are for sale as digital downloads for personal use only. Publishing requires licensing.

2004 Kona Ironman Swim Start

2004 Kona Ironman Bike

2004 Kona Ironman Run

2005 Kona Ironman

This year I wanted to get some shots with my Nikon D8oo.

A great example of what this camera can do is the image below showing the extreme crop of the middle window opening. Check out the amazing detail.

It’s a shot of the Kona Inn restaurant at morning twilight. 5:44am. Let me add that this is a great place to eat.

Nikon D800 Nikon 50mm 1.8, 5.0 sec;   f/5.0;   ISO 100 Manual; Matrix metering

Click on the image to visit the gallery

Aloha, Bryan Lowry

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