6-03-18 Lava Eruption Helicopter Tour


Another spectacular Paradise helicopter tour of the eruption area.

Two videos showing Kapoho mid-destruction.

Like last time my GoPro 5 was attached to the bottom of my Panasonic GH5 so, when switching to my Nikon D800 the GoPro sits to the side.

This outing the GoPro’s battery died before the tour was over but, it did catch the beautiful sunrise flight to the flow.

I concentrated on close up video and photos of the fountain at fissure 8. It was spectacular.

For the closeup footage, I used my Nikon 180mm for the stills and the Leica Lumix 100 – 400mm (200 – 800mm). If you’ve ever shot out of a moving helicopter, you know how tricky this is without a gimbal/gyro. Also, you get what the conditions allow.

In both videos be sure to watch for the huge lavafall flowing into what used to be Green Lake. It looks small in the videos but, was estimated at 50′ high. Green Lake was evaporated in 3.5 hours as the floor had a small finger sneak into Kapoho crater in a bizarre way entering the lake. Just after 16 minutes in the GoPro video and about 30 seconds into the 4K video.

Amazingly the longer video of the flight is getting all the views. People are missing out on the closeup of the fountains spattering in the 4K video. Don’t be one of those people.

Be sure and read the descriptions for each video.

Panasonic 4K video

GoPro Hero 5 Nearly entire flight video

I haven’t edited my still images so, no gallery to view yet.

Below are the links to the previous flight’s galleries.

So its easy to know which camera shot what images I loaded two separate galleries.

5-19-18 Leilani Eruption Helicopter D800 (wide shots)

5-19-18 Leilani Eruption Helicopter GH5 (zoomed in shots)

Both galleries start with images shot earlier that morning from Hwy 137 in Kapoho.

Remember, both galleries have multiple pages.

No, I don’t have any images from the ground in the residential areas. I have my reasons why I chose not to go at this time. Maybe someday I’ll share them if and when it’s appropriate.

Some final notes.

Civil Defense and every other agency you can think of has their hands full so, please stay away from the eruption area and view from either the air or boat tours. As the eruption grows and intensifies the area becomes even more dangerous. New breakouts will be faster and more widespread. The chances of getting trapped or worse are very real.

Also, don’t believe everything you hear on Facebook. If you want exact and real updates visit the USGS-HVO update website and or Hawaii County Civil Defense. You can also follow my twitter feed as I get my information from these sources.

Don’t be afraid to visit the island. This is only affecting a very small region in comparison to the size of The Big Island. About 1+% of the islands total acreage.

This event is affecting the entire islands economy. Not just those who have lost homes etc… If you want to help, be sure and donate to reputable organizations only and visit the island. Tourism is our economy.

The eruption is a beautiful sight to see but, tragic too.

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Violet Moffitt Lowry

July 7, 1937 – March 12, 2018


Panasonic Lumix GH5 Film Project 2017


Back in September, I was the photographer in a promotional film project for the Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera system.

Of course, we ventured out to the lava flows.

It was three days of filming along with one night.

This was a large group and all did well on the long night hike to the lava flow. For most, it was their first experience at lava flows. The flow rewarded us all with two streams of lava at the base of the pali. They would spread out onto the flats near the base. The weather was also great until we started our trek back. Heavy cold rain moved in. That is perfect and much better than hiking back in the brutal Hawaii sun.

The GH5 is an incredible camera. The options for video are endless. Stunning 4K at 60 fps.

Met several great people who were involved in the project.

The film can be seen on one of these sites. 4 million views and counting. Short version YT Panasonic’s website Transitions Productions Youtube   

My lava flow videos can be seen below or on my Youtube channel. The Youtube channel will have the description.

Part 1 and Part 2. Read the description and be sure to watch all at high res, full screen.

More video coming from the GH5 of surfing here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Also, news about the new gallery I’ll be in here in Kailua Kona after Thanksgiving.

Feel free to leave comments if you have anything to say.

Keep it family friendly, please.

Bryan_Lowry_Lavapix.com 9-07-17-196x copy

The Big Island of Hawaii 61g lava flow Panasonic GH5

A big thank you to Transition Productions, Pyramid Film Inc., and Panasonic.

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New Lava Flow Video On TV Show “Right This Minute” Plus, New Images Added To My Fine Art Gallery


My latest video from the last breakout of lava on the north side of Pu’u O’o vent was recently shown on the TV show “Right This Minute“. I found out after the fact but, it can still be seen online at the above link or click on the photo.


They show interesting videos from the internet. I’ve watched it often.

New images added to my “Fine Art Gallery”

Also, I’ve added images from that adventure to my Fine Art gallery, “Bryan’s Favorites”.

Three are similar with subtle differences in slight motion in the lava flow, freezing the flows movement, more sky and less sky.

I only offer options like this when a scene allows it. Each image has a different appeal.

There are panoramic options too.

The one with the blue flame is the pure sulfur gas burning. A rare sight at the Kilauea volcano lava flows.

Images can be viewed and purchased here or click on the image below.

New images are #’s 516, 516c, 517, 517c, 518, 518c, 519, 520c, 520cc and 521c.

Prints can be purchased locally at Krazy About Kona in the Kona Inn Shopping Village. 75-5744 Ali’i Drive. Two shops south of the Kona Inn Restaurant.

My usual warning.
Do not attempt to do what I do.
I have 25 years of experience and I know what I’m doing out there.
So many things can go wrong for those who don’t understand or can’t recognize the dangers of an eruption of this type.
Stay away. Follow my blog and Youtube channel and stay safe.
As of now the NE flow activity has stopped so, not much to see now anyway.

Photo licensing, BryanLowry@lavapix.com.


Morning twilight, Huge slabby pahoehoe lava flow front from lava flow river, Puu Oo vent, Kilauea volcano, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island of Hawaii Image #516

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Longer video clips available.

6-10-13 The Weather Channel – Lava Chasers Show


Yes, my posts are getting more and more infrequent. It doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. Just the opposite.

This post pertains to a show I was involved in late last year. Its called “Lava Chasers” and it airs on the Weather Channel. Seems the episode I was in aired on June 8th locally here in Hawaii. My standard cable doesn’t have The Weather Channel so, I haven’t seen the show yet. I’m sure it will air many more times. Check your local listings.

Yeah, I’m a bit late on posting about this show but, like I said, it should air many times.

Feedback from those who have seen it has been good so far. I’m sure die-hard WC fans who only want to see the weather will have they’re opinions on a volcano show being on the Weather Channel.

I was contacted by a production company last year asking if I was interested in being a part of this series. Most times I turn down requests to be filmed or written about as the angle they always want to portray is “Daredevil Photographer” risks all for lava photos!! That’s not my thing. I’m in my third decade now exploring the lava flows and me still being alive isn’t by accident. I don’t just explore and photograph the volcano, I study it too. Sure there are risks involved but, they are well thought out based on my field experience and I always have safety in my mind first.

It is television so, I’m sure there’s dramatic music etc… that’s pretty standard and most shows would be boring without it. Imagine having only to listen to me talk for an hour straight. Well, some of you reading this have had to for longer than that. The show is narrated at times too. Hopefully the facts they present are correct.

Overall the production companies crew listened to what I offered and stayed true to my wishes. Of course at this time I haven’t seen the ready for TV edited show so, I don’t know what was used from all the footage shot. We were out most of the night to late morning and we covered a lot of ground. The lava flow activity was minimal but, perfect for setting up lots of production gear without having to worry about moving it every few minutes due to the advancing lava flow. The conditions were exactly what I had told them to expect that night/day. Bouts of heavy rains and constant strong winds. It was actually kind of cold too.

For me the hike was nothing more than a long walk compared to my more adventurous outings but, it was just right for what we were doing. It’s always fun to see the reactions from people seeing lava for the first time. The crew was great to work with. The production companies people were from The United Kingdom and they hired on a couple local film industry people to help out.

The theme of the show was me being a longtime lava flow veteran taking a first time visitor out to the lava flows. That would be Jimmy. So, it was me being myself as we filmed along the way. Well, I had to be good for the camera. Sarcasm doesn’t always bode well with the masses. You do get times when there are re-takes and you need to do the scene all over again. No different then having to repeat something said that wasn’t heard the first time. Or like talking to someone who hears you but, always likes to say “What?” You know who you are. There’s the sarcasm I was talking about. Most of them were due to sound and lighting issues. The intermittent heavy rains didn’t help either.

I’m more use to taking film crews out and watching them do their thing vs being in the show too. My last filming was back in 2003 the show Secrets of Hawaii’s National Parks. It still airs today. I looked so much older back then.

My intent wasn’t to be a self-proclaimed know it all when it comes to Kilauea volcano. Its still an active volcano that in the end is truly unpredictable but, yet it does have its predictable periods at times. Its understanding the differences that are most important.

There was a spin on me having disabilities. This was in part due to the obvious when people would see my hands during the show. They would surely wonder what happened. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a “look at poor me and what I have to deal with” thing. What I wanted portrayed was how so-called disabled people of any degree can accomplish plenty in they’re lives. Most importantly I wanted this directed to young kids with disabilities. Of course I’m not saying become a volcano photographer/explorer, just saying you can do more than anyone ever imagined. Not sure if they even used any of that footage but, thought I would mention it if they did.

The part shot at my home showing me packing my gear was really hot. I had recently moved from up mauka around the 1700′ elevation down to maybe 50′ above sea level and I was still adjusting so, I was sweating buckets while doing that part.

So far I haven’t been able to find where it can be viewed online but, I do have this link to the trailers for each episode. This first one has me in it. Not sure if I’m in just one or more as they could have broken it up into multiple episodes. It would have been nice to have a screen shot of the page for this posting but, can’t get much of anything now.

The trailers can be seen here. “Fighting Mother Nature” and “Long Hike To Lava” are the ones I’m in.

Feedback is always welcomed. Be nice, kids read this too.

I may update this post once I’ve seen the show. More posts coming when I find the time.

***First update*** Gallery where a few images of the filming can be seen. Click here.

Hawaii lava flows

The Weather Channel show Lava Chasers

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