Photo update and lots of news

Aloha everyone,

Its been a while since my last update. The holidays are just a busy time as we all know. I have a few subjects I’d like to cover in this newsletter.

The first and most important is anouncing my teaming up with Hawaii Easter Seals to donate 20% of my website sales profits and my art fair profits to the local charity. The donation will be 10% of my wholesale revenue profits at retail locations. If any of the retail locations match this amount I’ll make a follow up announcment. None are expected to by me as this is my own agenda and they each have their own ways of giving.

Those of you who have never met me or just aren’t aware of my past, you may be wondering why Easter Seals and why so much? I my self am a product of Easter Seals. I was born with some severe birth defects and Easter Seals in Michigan stepped in to provide life changing operations and many years of physical therapy to allow me to live a normal life. Club feet was just one of the issues along with my hands. My mother was told I’d never walk when I was first born. Numerous operations and 12 years of wearing braces and a life time of determination has allowed me to do something as physically demanding as my lava flow hikes. I’m sure most of you have seen the movie “Forest Gump”. Remember in the beginning when he was running from those kids and his big steel and leather braces broke apart, I wore the same braces only just below the knee and they would really do that when I’d play sports like baseball and football. I laugh every time I see that part! Then there were the many surgeries on my hands that made me become ambidextrous. Easter Seals covered it all. They do great work for children of all ages. I’m giving to Hawaii because this has been my home for most of my adult life and I make my living from what it has to offer. Also, were but a speck in the ocean compared to USA mainland cities and they need every penny they can get. Its the least I can do. Some may be wondering wow you must be doing very well to afford this! I did have my best year last year for sales and hope for this year to be even better but, you don’t get wealthy being an adventure/landscape photographer. Its being able to do something you love that is the payoff. So, my point is the donation will only mean something if you make a purchase. I realize many have given to the Haiti fund to help with their tragedy. I did too. This isn’t meant to compete in any way. This was planned long ago. Unfortunately theres no way of having the donation be automatic at checkout with my Paypal account. I’m open to ideas from those that have experience at this sort of thing.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about making a purchase, hopefully this gives you the needed nudge to make it. Not only do you get one of my stunning images, your also helping out at the same time. Corporations, my prints make great gifts and can decorate your business beautifully.

My next announcement is about finally being able to offer prints on metal. The process isn’t all that new, its just finally more affordable. The process is explained on my website and the pricing has been added to the Fine Art section. Prices are in line with Gi’clee’s on canvas but, the metal is much more archival and in my opinion they are absolutely stunning!

I’d like to announce my working with a great local publication. Ke Ola magazine. The current issue of Big Island Traveler was my last. I decided I needed to expand my options locally. I have a small image in Ke Ola’s calendar section of the current issue. There wasn’t enough time before it went to the printer to do more. I look forward to a long working relationship with them.

1-01-02-10 Lava Full Moon My most recent lava adventure was New Years Eve into the 2nd of January. The full moon a blue moon was extremely bright and allowed me to capture some nice images of the dying ocean entry. It has since stopped and everyone is waiting to see what might be next. The weather was perfect with light to no winds and no rain. The area where my previous hikes took me where the white shelterpod used to be is now buried under nearly 20′ of lava. Theres no trace of its existence. The once 10′ high pillars of the abandoned structure near the ocean are almost completely gone.

I’m often asked if I give private tours of my adventures on the island or if I ever do photography clinics. Tours would require permits and too many legal issues. Beware, there are many illegal tours being given by people who shouldn’t be at the flows themselves due to their inexperience let alone taking others out there. I’ve also been asked about shadowing me on adventures. No photo clinics. I’m open to these type of hikes for those that have inquired. It wouldn’t be cheap as my time is valuable and and they would be more spontaneous. Email if interested. Lava would only be if its in an open area.  Only the physically fit need to inquire. My hikes aren’t easy 🙂

Finally I have now launched my Facebook fan page. Mostly its an easy source for people to ask questions and discuss my images and activity. Facebook to me is the easiest forum for this. I’ll post when I can. Those of you that follow me on twitter know I don’t tweet very often. The facebook page should be much easier for me. Not having one of the new smart phones I’ll be slow at times to respond to comments but, I’ll get to them when I can. There won’t be a bunch of photos posted. More links to both my blog and website. By the way, my blog can be accessed through my website along with my calendar.

Thanks for your time and may we all have a great 2010!

Bryan Lowry

All text and images are copyright protected ©Bryan Lowry/ Use without my permission is prohibited.
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2 thoughts on “Photo update and lots of news

  1. Hi Julie,
    Just this volcano. It is a great life doing what I do. Surely like your travels all over the world.

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